Datavideo BDL-1609 – NDI Hybrid Classroom Bundle

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The NDI Hybrid Classroom bundle includes the iCast 10NDI, a hybrid event switcher designed for streaming, recording, and conferencing with platforms like Zoom and MS Teams. The TPC-700 simplifies control, and when combined with a tracking and regular PTZ camera, this bundle offers a variety of applications. The iCast 10NDI is an all-in-one switcher, camera controller, and streaming encoder, allowing for a variety of inputs and easy live streaming to multiple platforms. It also offers dual multiview modes and multiple PGM modes for a customizable viewing experience.

The PTC-140 is a high-performance PTZ camera with stunning Full HD resolution, 20x optical zoom, and advanced 2D/3D noise reduction. It also supports H.264/H.265 video compression for streaming and can be controlled using the ergonomic RMC-180 joystick or web user interface. The PTC-285T is a 4K HDBaseT tracking PTZ camera that can be controlled via traditional RS-422 or IP remote control. It supports dual streaming output and can easily be used with camera controllers and smart switchers for auto tracking. With HDBaseT technology, it only requires a single Ethernet cable for video, control, power, and tally.

Resolution and Frame Rate: 1080p @ 60fps
Sensor: CMOS
Video Outputs: 3G/HD/SD-SDI
Weight: 2-5kg
1 x iCast 10NDI main unit
1x PTC-140NDI
1 x PTC-285T
1 x HBT-16 main unit
1x VP-840 – 4K HDMI Distribution Amplifier 1×4
1x TLM-700K – 7″ 4K LCD Monitor
1x CAP-2 HDMI to USB 3.0 Capture Box
1 x TPC-700 Main Unit
1x HC-800 Case
1 x 1 year free DV Cloud essentials

About The Datavideo BDL-1609 – NDI Hybrid Classroom Bundle
NDI Hybrid Classroom bundle with the iCast 10NDI a hybrid event switcher designed for streaming, recording, and conferencing with Zoom, MS Teams, and other platforms. The TPC-700 simplifies control. Together with one tracking and one regular PTZ camera this bundle provides a variety of applications

ICAST 10 1RU Switcher


iCAST 10NDI is a new and innovative live production equipment that houses a switcher, camera controller and streaming encoder in one box. A variety of inputs can be connected to iCAST 10NDI to allow you to create an eye catching presentation with different video sources, such as PTZ and document cameras, and a laptop for your presentation slides.

Using the built-in streaming encoder and recorder. You can easily live stream to multiple platforms and record your show to an SD card. Six video channels can be ISO recorded at the same time in order to provide you with more program materials for post production.

iCAST 10NDI is definitely a highly efficient and easy-to-use solution for video streaming and recording.


iCAST 10NDI has five video inputs with one SDI/HDMI selectable port, three HDMI only ports and one USB 3.0 port. iCAST 10NDI accepts videos from various professional cameras, laptops and document cameras.

You can also receive IP videos via an RJ-45 port. IP videos are streamed using RTMP(S) or SRT protocol. With a variety of video interfaces, you no longer need to worry about compatibility of different video devices.


iCAST 10NDI provides an intuitive preview of your output sources. You can view them either horizontally or vertically (a new technology for viewing videos on mobile devices) and preview these mode changes on a Multiview screen.


In addition to displaying a full screen view of the program out video, you can also stream the four input videos live to your audience.

The iCAST 10NDI offers five Multiview layouts to allow you to show your input videos all at the same time. The videos can be streamed to all corners of the world and your audience can, with zero delay, participate in your events using a receiver/decoder, personal mobile device, or a computer.

PTC-140 Unit

Stunning Full HD resolution

The PTC-140 features 1/2.8 inch CMOS sensor, 1920x1080px Full HD resolution, 60fps.

20x Optical Zoom, 10x Digital Zoom

The PTC-140’s 20x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom allows you to mount it near or far and still get great, sharp shots.

Advanced 2D/3D noise reduction function

Supports advanced digital noise reduction, even in less-than-perfect lighting conditions can shoot clear and smooth image.

H.264/H.265 video compression for streaming

With built-in streaming encoder, can encode up to 2 simultaneous streams to any cloud service.

Simple multi-camera control at your fingertips

With its ergonomic joystick and tactile button layout, the RMC-180 makes it easy to set up and control up to four Datavideo PTC-140 cameras for any live video production.

Remote control and preview by web user interface

The web user interface provides preview, pan-tilt-zoom control and configurations setting in IP mode.

RMC-300C can control up to 24 PTC-140 cameras

Works together with an iPad or Android tablet to control up to 24 Datavideo PTC-140 cameras.

PTC-285T – 4K HDBaseT Tracking PTZ Camera

Live productions depend on high performance cameras and camera controllers.

Datavideo is introducing the 4K50/60p auto tracking PTZ camera, PTC-285T can be easily controlled via traditional RS-422 serial port, or IP remote control via DVIP or Sony VISCA over IP. This brand new 4K camera series supports dual streaming output for A/V market application. You can easily stream to Facebook (RTMPS), YouTube and dvCloud.

This HDBaseT version allows single CAT-6 cable to transfer video, control, power, and tally.


HDBaseT allows you to transmit power, HD video, control, and tally over a single Ethernet cable.


You will be allowed direct access to auto tracking via various external controllers such as the supplied RMC-1 remote control and DVIP controllers (RMC-300A, RMC-180 MARK II and PTC View Assist).

In addition to camera controllers, you can also easily enable auto tracking on smart switchers which include KMU-200, SHOWCAST 100, etc as well as complete solution systems like ZR-1 Smart Classroom.

Custom Auto Tracking

If you are filming multiple people, you can designate a person for auto tracking. Once linked to the camera, only the designated person will be tracked, avoiding interferences such as the desks, people coming back and forth, large objects, etc.

Smart PTZ Speed Adaptation

The integrated PID algorithm is able to detect the movement speed of the identified object and automatically adjust the camera’s corresponding pan, tilt and zoom speeds in such a way that the lens movement will be smooth, avoiding common camera lens movement problems like jerky movements or unpredicted halts.


Just like how the lift accelerates or decelerates, the camera lens movement will be smooth, avoiding jerky movements that are visible to naked eyes.


RMC-1 PTZ Controller. All you need is a remote control to set and control all four cameras and save the four presets.


The camera control app is tailored for the Datavideo PTZ camera series. It can monitor the live streaming video from PTC-140, PTC-280, PTC-285 and PTC-300 series. The app can control up to 4 cameras simultaneously via DVIP, you can intuitively set up and recall the presets, and adjust white balance, focus and IRIS.

The app is able to decode the live streaming via RTSP, SRT, and NDI. Easily monitor the live streaming video and set up the parameters promptly in one application. Datavideo provides iOS and Android versions, which you can download on Google Play and App Store for free!


Advanced 3D noise reduction technology is also used to further reduce the noise while ensuring image sharpness.


Supports simultaneous HDMI 2.0 and HDBaseT/IP output up to 2160p 50/60 and also 3G-SDI output up to 1080p60/50.


Support RTSP and RTMPS protocols, easy to stream directly to two different CDN platforms and Datavideo dvCloud as well.


Control real-time pan, tilt, and zoom camera movements with Datavideo HS-1600T MARK II, PTZ View Assist APP, RMC-300A and RMC-180 series. With configurable preset positions supported.


RS-422 and ethernet to use DVIP or VISCA over IP commands to integrate with larger control systems.


The PTC-285T supports PoE and HDBastT for easy installation. No need to find local power outlets or hire an electrician to install outlets wherever you want to mount your camera. Simply run a single CAT6 cable to power your PTC-285T.


Green and red lights tally to show the preview and program status for broadcast applications.


PTC-285T provides a wide Field of View of 80°, easily shooting all the scenes in the field.


Support compression of resolution up to 3840×2160 with frame up to 59.94, 60fps and the second channel 720×480 with 29.97fps compression. AAC, MP3 and PCM audio compression also supported.


Control the PTZ camera at the venue from anywhere in the world using the BB-1 KIT and dvCloud streaming service.

HBT-16 – 4K HDBaseT Receiver box

Long distance 4K HDBaseT receiver that accepts 4K video, tally, control, and power over one ethernet cable

The HBT-16 is an HDBaseT receiver designed to use with an HDBaseT transmitter to receive signal between HDBaseT devices. The receiver accepts up to 4K 2160P image quality video.

Transmits video, audio, DVIP control, RS-422/232 control and PoE+ over a single Cat 7 cable.

With the 56V power connected to one end of the HBT-16 HDBaseT receiver

The HBT-16 will thus be able to power the transmitting device by PoE plus technology (PoE++).

HDBaseT connection between the transmitter and the receiver can be established using a single Ethernet cable.

HDMI video, DVIP control commands and power (PoE++) can be transmitted between the transmitter and the receiver over just one cable.

HDMI Deep Colour supports better colour depths

HDMI Deep Colour supports better colour depths. To giving your display device a great image.

Extends 2160P video transmission up to 100m.

Long distance 4K solution. Support up to 4K 50/59.94/60p and receives up to 4K2160P video from the transmitter.

HDCP compliant

Can perfectly display the video source with HDCP in high clarity with zero interruption.

Support DVIP, RS-422, and RS-232 control protocols.

HBT-16 offers DVIP, RS-232/RS-422 control signals, which allow to control the source device from the display location.

Supports default EDID and EDID learning from the display

EDID pass-through passes signal between the source and display.

Dolby TrueHD & DTS Master audio support

Supports Dolby Digital, DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD audio

Aluminum Alloy and Heavy Duty Design

Super sturdy and durable. HBT-16 has a rugged metal housing for use in even the roughest conditions. Low heat dissipation, ideal for long hour operation in normal ventilated environment.

What is HDBaseT ?

HDBaseT can be used to power and control cameras, as well as transmit video signals over long distances for many video production applications. In this episode of Tech Tip Tuesdays, we explain how you can save time and money by using HDBaseT. HDBaseT allows you to transmit video, control, tally, and power over single CAT 6 cable. This means you no longer need to run multiple cables for video, control, and power for your cameras!

Datavideo offers several HDBaseT PTZ Cameras and HDBaseT Mobile Video Switchers to help you take advantage of the many workflows benefits that HDBaseT technology offers.

VP-840 – 4K HDMI Distribution Amplifier 1×4

The VP-840 is a 1×4 HDMI Distribution Amplifier featuring the capability to repeat HDMI source to 4 displays simultaneously, VP-840 supports data rates up to 18Gpbs and resolutions of 4K2K@60Hz. The VP-840 features EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) management providing multiple EDID options for various resolutions between all devices, ensuring the HDMI source reliably outputs the correct content for the display.

CAP-2 – USB 3.0 Interface

No external power is needed.


Support UVC. Operations with video format (resolution and frame rate) auto-detection capability

Compatible with various operating systems

Support Windows: Amcap, Google Plus Hangouts, OBS (Open Broadcast Software), Skype, VLC, Xsplit Broadcaster, Zoom.usLinux: VLC, OBSMac OS X: OBS, Quicktime player, VLC, Facetime.

Stereo line in external audio

Switched as HDMI embedded audio or external line-in audio.

TPC-700 Touch Panel Controller

The best assistant for all 3200 switchers, and VGB-2000 presentation system. The SE-3200 and VGB-2000 Apps that are installed on the TPC-700 contain presets of common operation functions.

Touch Panel Design

Just tap on the screen to easily select different presets.

Customise Your Favorite Keys

Each button can be customised to your liking.

Setting up a 3200 switcher has never been this easy

Multi-camera Virtual Studio switching, AUX output, Crosspoint, Flex Source, and PIP assignment can be done by TPC-700.

Compact Design

Easy to transport to your live production show on the go. Quick connection. Simple installation.

Easy Switch, Record and Live Stream

Datavideo TPC-700/TPC-700P is the best assistant for TVS-2000A Virtual Studio System. The TVS-2000A App that are installed on the TPC-700/TPC-700P contain presets of common operation functions. The interface is easy to use and can be controlled with a few finger taps on the 7-inch touchscreen to easily select different presets – multi- camera Virtual Studio switching, downstream key, and virtual studio presets. The Easy to live stream and record your virtual production show on the go.

Easy Change Virtual Studio

Datavideo TPC-700/TPC-700P allow user to install 4 virtual studios in the App. Just tap your desired virtual scene mode directly from the TPC-700/TPC- 700P for recalling the corresponding virtual scene.

Compact and Easy Installation

The TPC-700/ TPC-700P are compact designed. User can apply a D-sub 9 pin to RJ-45 cable and a 9-pin female/female RS422 cable to connect TPC-700 and TVS-2000A system. Quick connection. Simple installation. The TPC-700P supports PoE power supply feature.

Easy Access of Switching Datavideo TVS-2000A Virtual Studio System by TPC-700 Touch Panel Controller

The Datavideo TPC-700 Touch Panel Controller provides easy access to control TVS-2000A Virtual Studio System. The App installed on the TPC-700 contains presets of standard operation functions. Users can easily switch different camera angles, start recording, live streaming, and overlay the title by applying TPC-700.

HC-800 – Water, Dust and Crush Resistant Case – Trolley Style (XXL)

This heavy duty case HC-800 from Datavideo is made from a super strong polypropylene. Its water, dust and crush resistant case will ensure your equipment stays safe and protected at all times

ICAST 10 1RU Switcher
Video Standard HD & SD
Video Format Input
480i59.94, 576i50
480i59.94, 576i50→480p29.97, 576p25
(not supporting interlace)
Input Routable / Crosspoint N/A
Video Input 3G/HD/SD-SDI x1 (BNC 75 ohm)
HDMI 1.4 x4
(Channel 1 as SDI/HDMI selectable)
USB 3.0 x1
Mix HD & SD Source Yes
Computer Graphic Interface 4 via HDMI
Video Output 3G/HD/SD-SDI loop-through x1
HDMI 1.4 x1 (PGM)
HDMI 1.4 x1 (Multiview)
RJ-45 female x2 (10/100/1000M Ethernet) (LAN & WAN)
Down-converted Output 1080p output
Built-in Multi-view Monitoring Out HDMI x1
Analogue Audio Input XLR Balanced audio x2
RCA Unbalanced audio x 1 pair
SDI embedded audio
HDMI embedded audio
(External and embedded audio mixable)
Analogue Audio Output 3.5mm x1 (headphone, PGM audio monitoring)
Audio Delay Calibration Each channel delay time: 0-3000ms
Chromakey N/A
Title Creator Web GUI
Picture in Picture Yes (PGM)
Logo Insertion Yes
Still Store N/A
Effects Cut
Transition Preview N/A
Sync / Reference In/Out N/A
Tally Output N/A
PC Remote Control Web UI for system configuration and control
Serial Port Control: RS-232 (RJ-45)
Camera Control N/A
Built-in Audio Mixer Yes
Storage SATA (6Gb/s)
Recording File System FAT, NTFS, exFAT
Recording File Format MP4
Video Encode H.264
Audio Encode AAC-LC
Sample rate: 48KHz, 16bit
Sample rate: 48KHz, 16bit
Configurable bit rate: 128K or 256K or 384K
Streaming Protocol l DHCP client
TS over UDP (unicast & multicast)
RTMP (Publish)/RTMPS
SRT Caller and Listener
Web RTC (encode/decode)
Firmware Update Web UI (network)
Special Features Vertical video: crop or rotate
Vertical video Multiview
Chassis 1RU rack-mount mainframe
Dimension (LxWxH) 440 x 284 x 44mm
Weight 2.9 kg
Power DC 12V 24W
Operating Temp. Range 0~40 °C
PTC-140 Unit
Video format 1080p 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25
1080i 60/59.94/50
720p 60/59.94/50
Image Sensor 1/2.8 inch high quality HD CMOS sensor
Effective Pixels (approx.) 2.07 Mega pixels
S/N Ratio >55dB
Min. Illumination 0.5Lux (F1.8, AGC ON)
Electronic Shutter Auto / Manual
Zoom Ratio 20x Optical Zoom, 10x Digital Zoom
Gamma Control Off / Normal
Iris Control Auto / Manual
Digital Noise Reductions Yes
On-Screen Display (OSD) English, Simplified Chinese
White Balance Auto, Manual, One Push, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6500K
AGC / Gain Control Auto / Manual
Mirror / Flip Image Yes
Focus Mode Auto / Manual
Panning / Tilting Range Pan: 340° , Tilt: +90° to -30°
Panning / Tilting Speed Pan: 0.1~60°/sec
Tilt: 0.1~30°/sec
Preset 255 Position
Focal Length f=5.2 (wide) to 98 (tele) mm
F1.6 to F3.5
Field of View (Horizontal, Wide) Approx. 54.7° (WIDE END) / 3.3° (TELE END)
Image Compensation Backlight Compensation
Video Output HDMI x 1
SDI x 1
Audio Input 3.5mm Line in
Tally LED Dual colour (Red, Green)
Filter M52.0 x 0.75 Thread with UV Protection
Protocol VISCA/Pelco-D/Pelco-P; Baud Rate:115200/38400/9600/4800/2400bps
Remote Control Interface and Transmit Distance RJ-45: for IP control (DVIP)
RS-232: Mini DIN 8-pin (IN) Mini DIN 8-pin (OUT)
Video Compression Format H.264, H.265, Dual stream output
Audio Compression Format AAC/MP3/PCM Audio compression
HD IP Interface 100M IP port(100BASE-TX); Support DVIP
Network Protocol RTSP, RTMP
F/W Update Ethernet
IR Control Yes
Camera Control Unit RMC-180/RMC-300C
Tripod Mount 1/4-20 UNC
Options WM-1
Colour Black/White
Dimension (LxWxH) 156 x 182 x 186 mm
Weight 1.6 kg
Operating Temp. Range 0~40 °C
Power DC 12V 12W
PTC-285T – 4K HDBaseT Tracking PTZ Camera.
Video format/Resolution 2160p60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25
*2160p60/59.94/50 YUV 4:2:2
Image Sensor 1/2.8″ CMOS
Effective Pixels (approx.) 8.51Mega Pixels
S/N Ratio ≥55dB
Min. Illumination 0.5 Lux @ (F1.8, AGC ON)
Electronic Shutter 1/30s ~ 1/10000s
Zoom Ratio 12x Optical Zoom, 16x Digital Zoom
Gamma Control Off / Normal
Iris Control Auto / Manual
Digital Noise Reductions 3D
On-Screen Display (OSD) English/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese
White Balance Auto, Indoor, Outdoor, OnePush, Manual, VAR
AGC / Gain Control Yes
Mirror / Flip Image Yes
Focus Mode Auto/Manual
Panning / Tilting Range Pan: 300°
Tilt: +130° to -15°
Panning / Tilting Speed Pan: 0.876°/s~43°/s
Tilt: 0.693°/s ~21.32°/s
Preset 255
Focal Length 12x, f = 4.4mm ~ 52.8mm, F1.8 ~ F2.6
Field of View (Horizontal, Wide) 80°
Image Compensation Back light compensation
Video Output HDMI 2.0 x1
3G-SDI x1
HDBaseT x 1
10/100/1000M RJ45 (PoE) x1
Audio Input 3.5 mm x1 (mic in/line in)
switch from Web UI
Tally LED Yes
Lens Filter N/A
Control Protocol Pelco-D, Pelco-P,
Remote Control Interface IR
Web UI
Video Compression Format H.264/H.265/MJPEG
Audio Compression Format AAC
Audio Bitrate 96Kbps, 128Kbps
HD IP Interface —-
Streaming Protocols TCP/IP, HTTP, RTSP, RTMP(S), SRT, ONVIF, DHCP, Multicast
First Stream Supported Resolution 3840×2160
Second Stream Supported Resolution 720×480
Video Bitrate 32Kbps ~ 50Mbps (Single Stream)
Video Bitrate Mode VBR, CBR
Encoding Frame rate 50Hz: 1-50fps
60Hz: 1-60fps
POE IEEE 802.3at
F/W Update Via Web UI or USB 2.0
IR Control Yes
Camera Control Unit HS-1600T series/RMC- 180 series/RMC-300 series/PTZ View Assist APP
Tripod Mount 1/4-20 UNC
Optional Accessories WM-1/ WM-10/ WM-11
Colour Dark Gray
Dimension (LxWxH) 185 (W) x 229 (H) x 195 (D)
Weight 2.7 kg
Operating Temp. Range 0~40 °C
Power DC 12V 22W
HBT-16 – 4K HDBaseT Receiver box
Video/Audio Input HDBaseT RJ-45 x1
Video/Audio Output HDMI 2.0 x1
Supported Video Format 2160p: 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25
1080p: 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25
1080i: 60/59.94/50
720p: 60/59.94/50
480i: 59.94
576i: 50
Video Process 4K2K60 4:4:4 8bits
4K2K60 4:2:0 10bits
Video bandwidth Single-link 600MHz [18Gbps]
DVIP RJ-45 x1(input)
RS-422/ RS-232
RJ-45 x1
Power DC IN: DC 56V
PoE Output 65W
HDBaseT Distance 2160p60/59.94/50 Up to 100m by CAT. 6A Cable (Resolution downward supported)
HDMI compliance HDMI 2.0
HDCP compliance HDCP 2.2/1.4 (Bypass)
Audio support Surround sound (up to 7.1ch)
Dimension (LxWxH) 157 x 85 x 46mm
Weight 450 g
Operating Temp. Range 0~40 °C
VP-840 – 4K HDMI Distribution Amplifier 1×4
Video bandwidth: 18 Gbps
Wide frequency range: 25MHz~600MHz
TLM-700K 7″ 4K LCD Monitor
Screen 7″ TFT LCD
Chassis Camera Mount
Resolution 1920×1200
Viewing Angle (H) +85/-85°
(V) +85/-85°
Luminance/Contrast 450cd/m²
Video Inputs 1x HDMI (1.4b),
HDCP 1.4
Loop Through 1x HDMI (1.4b)
Supported Input Resolutions 4096x2160p(24Hz),
576i(50Hz), 576p(50Hz),
480i(59.94/60Hz), 480p(59.94/60Hz)
Aspect Ratio Full/16:9/1.85:1/2.35:1/4:3/3:2
Aspect Marker Off/16:9/1.85:1/2.35:1/4:3/3:2/9:16
Safty Marker Off/95%/93%/90%/88%/85%/80%
Tally LED —-
Audio In/Out Embedded Audio (48KHz sampling)
Analog Stereo (Phone Jack),
Speaker x1 (2W)
Special Features Focus assist (peaking), False Color, Histogram,
Exposure, Pixel to Pixel Zoom, Underscan, Check Field (blue-only
mode, monochrome mode)
Dimension (WxHxD) 182 x 129 x 37 mm
Weight 0.3 kg
Operating Temp. Range 0~40 °C
Power DC 12V, 12W
HDMI to USB 3.0 Capture Box
Input 1x HDMI (Micro B)
Output 1x USB 3.0 (Micro B)
Input Video Bandwidth 150MHz (pixel clock rate)
Output Video Bandwidth Up to 350Mbps (USB)
Supported Input & Output Video Formats 1920 x 1080p 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25/24/23.976
1680 x 1050p 60
1600 x 1200p 60
1440 x 900p 75/60
1400 x 1050p 60
1366 x 768p 60
1360 x 768p 60
1280 x 1024p 75/60
1280 x 720p 60/59.94/50
1024 x 768p 75/60
800 x 600p 75/60
720 x 576p 50
720 x 480p 60
640 x 480p 75/60
Supported Output Video Formats 1920 x 1080p 60/50/30/25/24
1680 x 1068p 60
1440 x 1080p 60
1440 x 896p 60
1360 x 768p 60
1280 x 768p 60
1280 x 720p 60/50
1024 x 768p 60
960 x 536p 60
848 x 480p 60
768 x 576p 60
720 x 480p 60/50
640 x 480p 60
640 x 360p 60
Audio Input HDMI Embedded Audio & 3.5 mm stereo in
Audio Support 2-Channel, 44.1 and 48KHz sample rate, up to 24-bit PCM
Capture Video Format YUY2 (USB3.0), MJPG (USB2.0/3.0)
Firmware Update Via USB
Firmware update USB Port
Power Consumption 2W
Operation Temperature 0~40°C
Storage Temperature -20~60°C
Humidity 20~90% RH
Minimum System Requirement Windows® 7(SP1) / Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 7 (x86, x64)
Note: The driver is required for Windows 7 OS
OS X (10.10 or above)
Linux Ubuntu 14.04
PC: Intel® CoreTM i5-4440 3.10GHz + NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 660 or higher
Laptop: Intel® Core i7-4810MQ + NVIDIA GeForce GTX 870M or higher 4GB RAM or higher”
Dimension (LxDxH) 105 x 68 x 23 mm
Weight 70g
Touch Panel Controller
Touch Screen 7” capacitive touch screen
Screen Resolution 800 x 480
Firmware Upgrade Via USB 2.0
Control RS-232 (RJ-45)
Power DC 12V
Dimensions 220 x 152 x 79 mm
Weight 0.85 kg
HC800 Waterproof Case:
Dimensions External: 625 x 420 x 340 mm
Internal: 575 x 360 x 250 mm
Internal Lid: 575 x 360 x 40 mm
Material: Polypropylene




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