Datavideo CB-68 Cable

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The CB-68 is a versatile cable designed for use with the SE-3200 video switcher and ITC-300 intercom system. It is capable of transmitting 1080p video, audio, and digital intercom signals simultaneously, making it a convenient and efficient solution for various applications. With a transmission distance of up to 70 meters, the CB-68 allows for long distance signal transmission without compromising quality.

In addition to its strong and durable quality, the CB-68 is also compatible with the PTR-10 and RMC-180, making it an ideal cable solution for remote production. This cable not only transmits video and audio from the camera, but also control signals between the PTR-10 and RMC-180. Whether for outdoor productions, studios, mobile systems, or installations, the CB-68 is a reliable and sturdy choice that can withstand rough handling.

Cable Length: 70m
Cable Input: BNC Male
Cable Output: BNC Male

About The Datavideo CB-68 Cable
Supports 1080p Video and Digital Intercom Signals Transmission

CB-68 is designed for SE-3200 video switcher and ITC-300 intercom system, and capable of transmitting the 3G/HD/SD-SDI 1080p video, audio and digital intercom signals at the same time.

Long Distance Transmission

CB-68 can transmit signals up to 70 meters.

Strong and Durable Quality

Wrapped in strong and rugged material, CB-68 is super sturdy against rough handling and suitable for outdoor productions, studios, mobile system and installations among other applications.

Compatible with PTR-10 and RMC-180

Together with PTR-10 and RMC-180, CB-68 is an ideal cable solution for remote production. The cable transmits not only video and audio from the camera but also control signal between PTR-10 and RMC-180.

3G/HD/SD SDI Video Cable BNC Male to another BNC Male connector
4.5C HD Coaxial Cable
Intercom Cable Ethernet Cable CAT 6 UTP 23AWG
Length 70M
Diameter 16.5mm
Operating Temperature 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
Humidity 10% to 80% (non condensing)




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