Datavideo RP-79 – HDR-80 Rack Tray

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This product is a 2U rack mount holder designed specifically for the HDR-80 Recorder. It is capable of holding up to two recorders at once, allowing for a space-saving and organized solution for recording equipment. The rack mount holder is designed to securely hold the recorders side-by-side, making it easy to access and use the equipment.

The 2U rack mount holder is a practical and efficient way to store and use multiple HDR-80 Recorders in a rack. It eliminates the need for additional shelving or storage space, making it ideal for studios or other professional settings where space is limited. With this holder, users can easily mount their recorders in a rack, keeping them safe and easily accessible for recording needs.

About The Datavideo RP-79 – HDR-80 Rack Tray
This is a 2U rack mount holder for HDR-80 Recorder. It can be used to mount up to 2 recorders side-by-side in a rack.

Compatible With HDR80 Video Recorder




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