Edelkrone Lens Gear PRO V1 (Pack Of 3)

£6,800.00 Ex VAT

Add a 0.8 MOD (cine-standard) lens gear to your lenses without a geared focus or zoom ring with this edelkrone Lens Gear PRO. This adjustable and removable lens gear mounts on lenses with a diameter from .98 to 4.33″ (25 to 110mm), allowing you to pull focus on your lens with follow focus unit.

Non-slip rubber strap with 0.8 pitch gear on it
Designed to wrap around the focus or zoom rings of lenses
Easy adjustment and mounting
Can be mounted without any tools
Can be placed around any mechanical lens with or without hard stops

Compatibililty: 25 mm to 110 mm lens ring diameter
Maximum Lens Diameter: 11cm / 4.33″
Weight: 19g / 0.67oz

3x Edelkrone Lens Gear PRO




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