Edelkrone Link Adapter

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Unlock your ideas with edelkrone motion control systems through custom software integration.
Create superior stop motion animations with Dragonframe integration, a novel way of controlling edelkrone motion control systems with edelkrone Web App, and previously unseen custom integrations with edelkrone Software Development Kit, all made possible with the new edelkrone Link Adapter.
Bring your stop motion animation to the next level with edelkrone Link Adapter and Dragonframe Software. Our best-selling, feature packed SliderPLUS and Slide Module v3* motion control setup paired with HeadPLUS v2** (required) can now be controlled with Dragonframe Software*** on any personal computer running on Microsoft Windows 10, macOS and Linux.

Mobile edelkrone App essentials on your personal computer- Access all the innovative and essential features of edelkrone App (iOS/Android) on your desktop or laptop computer with the edelkrone Link Adapter. You can control pan & tilt, slide, jib, dolly and focus motions, create keyposes, and also adjust the speed and acceleration via edelkrone Web App.When using edelkrone Link Adapter, you can connect and control your edelkrone motion control systems with both edelkrone Web App and edelkrone App at the same time.edelkrone Web App will be installed on your computer by default when you install the edelkrone Software Development Kit (SDK).
Simultaneous control of multiple setups on a single computer- Each edelkrone Link Adapter can be connected to a single edelkrone motion control unit or bundled setup, and multiple edelkrone motion control setups can be managed simultaneously when using more than one edelkrone Link Adapter.When multiple edelkrone Link Adapters are connected to the same computer, you can run a dedicated edelkrone Web App for each edelkrone Link Adapter side by side on a single screen. This allows you to operate several edelkrone motion control setups from a single control center and run an entire production by yourself effortlessly.
Intuitive pairing with the edelkrone ecosystem- edelkrone Link Adapter is compatible with edelkrone motion control systems released after November 18, 2018 and can connect to them wirelessly. Additionally, the edelkrone motion control systems released after July 2020, such as the Slide Module v3 and HeadPLUS v2, have the option of a wired connection with edelkrone Link Adapter using cables.In trying conditions, where there is environmental interference with wireless connection, compatible edelkrone motion control systems can have a wired connection with cables to ensure optimum and stable connection with the help of the new edelkrone Link Hub. edelkrone Link Hub is sold separately to connect the devices with one another.By design, the ingenious edelkrone Web App runs on your computer without requiring an internet connection, so you can also work offline when needed.
edelkrone Software Development Kit – (Beta Version) – Integrate your innovation with our edelkrone motion control ecosystem and bring new perspectives to your production with the edelkrone Software Development Kit (SDK). Utilizing third-party software, developers can now add more features and gain even greater control of their edelkrone motion control setups. Create your own applications to customize your edelkrone setups and level up your production!
Start to explore- edelkrone SDK application runs in the background of your computer and translates API commands to the underlying hardware and vice versa. If your programming language or software environment can send and receive HTTP based API commands, you can interface with your edelkrone motion control system(s) through edelkrone SDK using the edelkrone Link Adapter.API commands give you full control on pairing a single or multiple edelkrone motion control systems into a bundle via wireless or wired interfaces. After creating a bundle, you can control the motion of the systems and receive periodic readouts from them via API commands.
High-level motion control – edelkrone SDK is currently in the beta stage and only supports high-level motion control commands that allow you to move the axes via joystick commands or keypose commands. With keypose commands, you can store multiple axis values in a single setpoint group called keyposes and recall them with specific speed and acceleration. Motion planning and control are handled inside the motion control system firmware. You can check the progress and instant axis values via periodic readout API commands.
edelkrone SDK is the backbone of edelkrone Web App- We developed the edelkrone Web App not only as a final product that our end-users can use to simply control their edelkrone motion control systems on a personal computer, but also to showcase the limitless capabilities of edelkrone SDK. Each API call to edelkrone SDK that we use in edelkrone Web App is openly documented. The source code of the edelkrone Web App itself is released as open source under MIT license. You may refer to the source code when developing your own web or other platform based software.In addition to edelkrone Web App, we supply Python based example scripts for you to explore. More examples of other platforms are coming soon. When you install the edelkrone SDK, you will receive the necessary documentation, the source code of edelkrone Web App as well as these example scripts.
More features coming soon- If you want even finer level motion control support, wait for our v1.0 release which is coming soon. With the upcoming motion command set called the real-time motion interface, you will be able to send setpoints for each axis down to ~16ms periods with supported products when using the wired interface. With this upcoming real-time motion interface, you can playback any arbitrary motion curve in real life up to 60FPS.This motion control interface will be crucial for various artificial/virtual/mixed reality, VFX and robotics applications.

Size (L x W x H) 2.77 x 3.27 x 1.33 in (70.5 x 83.2 x 33.8 mm) actual size
Weight 4.86 oz (138 g.) actual weight
Power input Powered by USB Port
Dragonframe OS Compatibility Windows 10, macOS, and Linux
Dragonframe & edelkrone Compatibility Required HeadPLUS v2 (or previous generation HeadPLUS v1) and Slide Module v3 (or previous generation Slide Module v2), Dragonframe Software purchased separately at dragonframe.com
edelkrone SDK / Web App OS Compatibility Windows 10 (macOS & Linux coming soon)
edelkrone SDK / Web App Wired & Wireless Connection Support Fully Wired Connection Support Slide Module v3, HeadPLUS v2, HeadPLUS v2 PRO, Pan PRO, FocusPLUS PRO Wireless Connection Support – HeadONE, Pan PRO, HeadPLUS v2, HeadPLUS v1, HeadPLUS v2 PRO, HeadPLUS v1 PRO, FocusPLUS PRO, Slide Module v2, Slide Module v3, SliderONE v2, SliderONE PRO v2, JibONE, DollyONE, DollyPLUS, DollyPLUS PRO (Any edelkrone >motion control system released after November 2018)
Materials CNC machined aluminum

edelkrone Link Adapter
1x USB A to USB C Converter,
1x 1.5m USB A to USB B cable
1x 2.5m RJ45 Link Cable
1x 3m 3.5mm to 3.5mm Link Cable




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