Edelkrone SliderONE Motorized PRO

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Motorized SliderONE
Ultra portable, powerful, slider with perfectly smooth linear motion and vertical operation ability + wireless connectivity with motorized edelkrone Heads.
Unmatched Vertical Capacity
Motorized SliderONE PRO with dual motors can handle camera loads up to 10 lbs (4.5 kg) in absolute vertical operation. This is already the highest carrying capacity in the market at this size.

Macro Precise Motion
SliderONE provides the necessary smoothness for ultra macro shots and perfect steady speed control throughout the whole slide thanks to its flawless mechanical design.

Add FlexTILT for Instant Framing & Balancing
Unlike any other camera head, FlexTILT Head gives you the chance to adjust your camera’s front-back balance no matter what your tilting angle is. The FlexTILT Head also gives you height adjustment. It is a great companion to SliderONE especially when you are using it directly on ground without a tripod.

Add StandONE to Get Low on Any Surface
StandONE is an ultra portable (foldable) and ultra durable stand that will let you position anything you attach to it on any surface. The flexible leg design will let you angle SliderONE on various inclines steadily.

Super Accurate Backlash-free Gear Design
SliderONE comes with backlash-free gear design for perfect, repeatable motion while heavy-duty gears assure lifetime good performance.

Model: SliderONE Motorized PRO
Size: 11.3 x 4.1 x 2.1 in (288 x 105 x 52 mm)
Weight: 3.3 lb (1.5 kg)
Recommended Load: 30 lb (13.6 kg) or less, works on incline 10 lb (4.5kg) or less carrying capacity on vertical operation
Mounting Options: 3/8″-16 mounting screw on top, 3/8″-16 mounting port on bottom
Camera Travel: 7.87 in (20 cm)
Minimum Step Size: 0.255 μm
Maximum Speed: 0.71 in/sec (1.81 cm/sec)
Number of Axes: Single (Slide motion)
Motor Type: x2 Step motor with ultra high-res encoder
Power Input: Canon LP-E6 type battery (Battery NOT included)
Battery Life: With 14.4 Wh energy (1 Canon LP-E6 battery is 14.4 Wh) Operates 1.5 hours (continuously at full speed) Shoots 9000 photographs (in Time-Lapse mode)
Shutter Trigger Socket: 2.5 mm (Shutter trigger cable sold separately)
Mobile Device Connection: 2.4 GHz direct link for inter-device communication and BLE for pairing / mobile phone connection
Compatibility: HeadONE (Both in single or dual modes), HeadPLUS.
App Compatibility: iOS 11.0 or later & Android 5.0 or later
Materials: CNC machined aluminum & stainless steel components.




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