Hawk-Woods LA-61

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The Hawk-Woods LA-61 (LA61) Power-Con (male) – Lemo 0B 4-pin (male) (30cm) is a versatile and reliable power cable that is perfect for powering your Teradek Cube or other compatible devices. With a length of 30cm, this cable provides ample reach for your power needs.

Featuring a Power-Con (D-Tap) connector on one end and a Lemo OB 4-pin (male) connector on the other, this cable allows for a secure and efficient power connection. The Power-Con connector is commonly used in the film and video industry, known for its rugged design and ability to handle high power loads.

Designed specifically with Teradek Cube compatibility in mind, this power cable is a perfect fit for early models (please check the number of pins on your device). Newer Teradek models have switched to a Lemo OB 2-pin connector, so be sure to check your device before purchasing.

Trust in the quality and reliability of Hawk-Woods with their LA-61 (LA61) Power-Con (male) – Lemo 0B 4-pin (male) (30cm) power cable. Made with durable materials and expert craftsmanship, this cable is built to withstand the demands of professional use.

Don’t let power issues hold you back on your next shoot. With the Hawk-Woods LA-61 (LA61) Power-Con (male) – Lemo 0B 4-pin (male) (30cm), you can power your Teradek Cube or other compatible devices with ease and confidence. Upgrade your power game today with this reliable and versatile power cable from Hawk-Woods.

1 x LA-61 Power-Con (male) – Lemo 0B 4-pin (male) 30cm

Length 30 cm
30cm Length
Power-Con (D-Tap)
Lemo OB 4-pin (Male)
Teradek Cube Compatible (check model number)




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