Hawk-Woods PC-12

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Introducing the Hawk-Woods PC-12 (PC12) Power Cable, the perfect solution for powering your Blackmagic Cinema Camera. This high-quality cable features a Power-Con (M) connector and a 2.5mm right-angled jack, providing a secure and reliable connection for all your power needs.

The Power-Con (M) connector is a popular choice for many professional video and audio equipment, known for its robust design and efficient power delivery. Combined with the 2.5mm right-angled jack, this cable offers a versatile and convenient solution for powering your Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

At only 30cm in length, the PC-12 cable is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry and store. Whether you’re on a film set or in a studio, this cable will not add unnecessary bulk to your gear. Its short length also helps to reduce the risk of tripping over long cables, ensuring safety on set.

The PC-12 cable is specifically designed for use with Blackmagic Cinema Cameras, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance. It is also compatible with other devices that use the Power-Con (M) connector, making it a versatile addition to your equipment.

Created by the trusted brand Hawk-Woods, this power cable is built to last. With its durable construction and high-quality materials, you can rely on this cable to provide a stable and consistent power supply for your Blackmagic Cinema Camera. It is also compatible with Firestore, another popular brand in the film and video industry.

Length 30cm




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