Hawk-Woods RMB-14

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The RMB-14 radio mic plate is a versatile accessory that measures 90mm x 110mm. It is compatible with the RMH range and can also be used with the majority of Hawk-woods V-Lok adaptors. This makes it a convenient choice for attaching radio mics and other accessories.

The RMB-14 is designed for easy use with Velcro, making it a practical option for various setups. It can be used in conjunction with any of the Hawk-woods VL-CA adaptor range, including VL-RMB, VL-CA2, and VL-CA7. With its compatibility and functionality, the RMB-14 is an ideal choice for professionals in need of a reliable radio mic plate.

1 x Radio Mic Plate with Thumb Screws

Weight 43 g
Size 90 mm x 110 mm

90mm x 110mm Radio mic Plate
Compatible with the RMH range
Compatible with the majority of our V-Lok adaptors
Ideal for the use of Velcro




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