Hollyland Syscom 421 TX

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Hollyland SYSCOM 421 is a wireless HD video transmission system that has a range of 1800ft and a latency of 0.07s. It operates on the 5.1-5.9 GHz frequency band and supports different frequency configurations for various territories. The system also allows for 4 SDI and HDMI inputs and outputs, and has strong anti-interference capabilities when using 4 transmitters on the same wireless channel. Additionally, it supports TALLY and RS485/RS422 control, USB firmware upgrades, and has an RJ45 interface for network pass through and RTSP streaming.

Please note that the Hollyland SYSCOM 421 is a transmitter only system. It is capable of achieving 4 transmitters on the same RF channel with strong anti-interference capabilities. The system has a low latency of 0.07s and can transmit up to 1080P 60Hz image resolution. The transmitters and receiver can be powered by L-series and V-mount batteries, as well as DC adapters.

1x Transmitter
5x 5GHz Antenna
1x User Manual
1x 7-Inch Magic Arm
1x OTG Cable
1x DC Conversion Cable
1x RS485/RS422 Interface Cable

About The Hollyland Syscom 421 TX
Please note: Transmitter Only.

Hollyland SYSCOM 421 is the wireless HD Video transmission system which can achieve 4 transmitters on the same RF Channel with strong anti- interference capability. The lowest latency is 0.07s. It has a transmission range about 1800ft with a clean line of sight (LOS) when the receiver is connected to 4 transmitters at most. SYSCOM 421 supports up to 1080P 60Hz image resolution. The transmitters are equipped with L-series battery plate and the receiver is equipped with V-mount large capacity battery. Both transmitters and receiver also can power by DC adapter.

Interface SDI Input(BNC Female)
HDMI Input(Type A Female)
3.5mm TALLY Output
4 Antenna(RP-SMA Male)
DC Power Input
USB Type-C
Supply Power Range 7~36V DC
Power Consumption <12W Net Weight 431.5g (External Antenna Excluded) Dimensions (LxWxH)88x30x144mm External Antenna and Battery Plate Excluded Input / Output Video Format HDMI: 480P60 Hz 576P50 Hz 720P50/60 Hz 1080i50/60 Hz 1080P24/25/30/50/60 Hz SDI: 720P50/60 Hz 1080i50/60 Hz 1080P24/25/30/50/60 Hz Frequency 5.1~5.9GHz Modulation Mode OFDM Transmission Power Maximum 22dBm Receiver Sensitivity / Transmission Latency The lowest latency is 0.07s Bandwidth 40MHz 1800ft Transmission Range The lowest achievable latency is 0.07s 5.1-5.9 GHz Frequency Band Width, Supports Frequency Configuration for Different Territories Supports 4 SDI Input and HDMI Input, 4 SDI Output and HDMI Output 4 Transmitters Use the Same Wireless Channel with Strong Anti-Interference Ability Supports TALLY and RS485/RS422 Control Support USB Firmware Upgrade With RJ45 Interface, Supports Network Pass Through between Transmitter and Receiver, and Achieves RTSP Pull and Push Streaming




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