Miller 1116 ArtX 5 Naked Head

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The Miller MIL-1116 (MIL1116) ArtX 5 Naked Head is a compact, light, and versatile fluid head that is perfect for professional photographers and videographers. This innovative product features a customisable flat base head, allowing users to fit it with optional 75mm, 100mm, 150mm, or Mitchell bases, making it suitable for various camera rigs and setups.

With a maximum payload of 0-10kg (22 lbs), the ArtX 5 Naked Head offers 15+0 CB Plus selectable counterbalance positions, giving users full control over their camera’s balance. The ergonomically located CB Plus switch and positive selection radial ring controls make it easy and intuitive to use. Additionally, the 3+0 selectable positions of fluid pan and tilt drag ensure smooth and precise camera movements.

This robustly constructed fluid head also features illuminated bubble level and precise floating pan-tilt calliper locks, ensuring bounce-free performance. The side loading base plate allows for easy and quick setup, and users can choose from optional camera plates with different balance travel lengths. The ArtX 5 Naked Head is designed to withstand extreme conditions and perform consistently in a wide range of temperatures and environments.

Known as a “Naked Head”, the ArtX 5 is a new concept and a world first, offering users the flexibility to build a head that fits their exact purpose. With the option to customize and add accessories such as a camera plate, baseplate, pan handle, and clawball, this fluid head becomes a versatile and affordable solution for all types of shooting scenarios. Whether you shoot with a mirrorless camera, DSLR, mid-sized cine-rig, or an ENG camera, the ArtX 5 is capable of meeting your specific needs.

Backed by a free three-year full warranty, the ArtX 5 Naked Head is a reliable and high-performing accessory that is essential for any professional photographer or videographer. Its advanced precision fluid drag, intuitive controls, and fast setup make it the perfect choice for soft news, documentary, wildlife, and filmmaking applications. Experience the “RIGHT FEEL” and unmatched performance of the Miller MIL-1116 (MIL1116) ArtX 5 Naked Head.

Tripod Head Type: Pan and Tilt
Max Payload: 10kg
1x ArtX 5 Naked Head

About The Miller 1116 ArtX 5 Naked Head
Known as a “”Naked Head””, ArtX 5 Naked is a new concept, a world first, that provides choices to enable users to build a head to fit their exact purpose. In its core form ArtX 5 comes without the camera plate, baseplate, pan handle and clawball, thus enabling users to customise the head to their needs by choosing from an array of options. Customisation makes ArtX 5 a versatile fluid head for “on the go” creative professionals needing an all-rounder, affordable solution with uncompromised performance. Whether you shoot with a mirrorless camera, DSLR, mid-sized cine-rig or an ENG camera, ArtX 5 is capable of balancing payloads from 0kg to 10kg. It features advanced precision fluid drag, intuitive controls, and fast set-up.ArtX 5 employs CB Plus technology providing 15+0 positions of counterbalance and a generous camera plate range, with 3+0 settings of “The Right Feel” Miller’s unrivalled drag technology for smooth drag quality. The perfect fluid head to match your camera rig configuration for ultimate camera control is now made possible with ArtX 5.

Constructed of lightweight high-strength die-cast alloy and tough composite polymers and featuring precision ball bearings Miller have combined robust engineering with silk smooth pan and tilt camera movements. Built for extreme conditions the ArtX 5 performs consistently over a wide range of temperatures and environments giving you confidence when you are out on a shoot.

Versatile and light weight, ArtX 5 makes a great choice for applications such as soft news, documentary, wildlife and filmmaking. ArtX 5 comes with a free three year full warranty and meets the expected demands for reliability and “RIGHT FEEL”” that are hallmarks of Miller.

Payload Range 0 – 10.0 kg (0 – 22.0 lbs)
Weight 2.2kg (4.84lbs)
Counterbalance Positions 16 selectable positions (0+15)
Pan Tilt Drag 3 selectable fluid drag positions + 0
Pan Tilt Locks Positive lock caliper brake system
Tilt Range + 90° / -75°
Pan Range 360°
Camera Platform 1. 1276 Camera Platform QR side load w 1205 Miller Camera plate. Height 20.5mm 2. 1278 Camera Platform QR side load w 1201 Versa Camera plate. Height 22.5mm
Sliding Range 1205 Miller camera plate sliding range: 60mm (2.36”) 1201 Versa camera plate sliding range: 105mm (4.1”)
Mounting Base Flat base with 3 x M5 holes. 2 x 1/4″holes
Illuminated Controls Bubble level
Pan Handle Fixed 390 mm (15.4”)
Temperature Range -40° to +65° C (-40° to +149° F)
Compact, light and versatile.
Customisable flat base head which can be fitted with optional 75mm (Cat#1288), 100mm (Cat#1290) 150mm (Cat#1295) or Mitchell base (Cat#1225).
Perfect for payloads to 0-10kg (22 lbs).
15+0 CB Plus selectable counterbalance positions.
Ergonomically located CB Plus switch.
3+0 selectable positions of fluid pan and tilt drag.
Positive selection radial ring controls.
Illuminated bubble level.
Precise floating pan-tilt calliper locks ensure bounce free on-off performance.
Side loading base plate, with a choice from optional Cat#1276, which comes with the Standard Miller camera plate having 60mm of balance travel or Cat#1278 which comes with Versa camera plate having 105mm of balance travel and is reversable.
Robust construction for rugged outdoor shooting conditions.
Side mounting points for viewfinders and accessories.
Optional selection of pan handles.
3 year warranty.




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