Miller 3225 HD Tripod Dolly

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The Miller 3225 (MIL-3225) Heavy Duty Studio Dolly is a must-have accessory for any professional videographer or photographer. Designed to support heavy loads of up to 200kg (441lbs), this dolly is perfect for use with the HD Studio Tripod (3354).

One of the standout features of this dolly is its compact and portable design, complete with a convenient carry handle. This makes it easy to transport to different locations and sets, without compromising on stability or support.

The dolly also features a unique independent dolly wheel axle brake system, which eliminates any wheel tyre indents. This ensures a smooth and seamless dolly tracking experience, without any interruptions or distractions.

With multiple wheel positions available, this dolly allows for both linear and radius dolly tracking, giving you the freedom to create dynamic and versatile shots. The 125mm (4.9”) dual ball bearing wheels also provide quick swivel-turn action, making it easy to maneuver and control.

The dolly tracking width of 970mm (38.2”) provides a stable base for your tripod, while the sturdy adjustable cable guards help keep your cables organized and out of the way. And when you’re done, the quick fold away design allows for easy storage and transportation.

Invest in the Miller 3225 (MIL-3225) Heavy Duty Studio Dolly and take your videography and photography to the next level. With its heavy duty construction, versatile features and compatibility with the HD Studio Tripod (3354), this dolly is a valuable addition to any professional’s equipment arsenal.

1x HD Tripod Dolly

About The Miller 3225 HD Tripod Dolly
This HD Dolly is designed for use with HD Studio Tripod (3354), this dolly can support loads up to 200kg (441lbs) with a footprint diameter of 1120mm (44.1″). Rigid alloy arms are mounted to a billet alloy centre frame, arms can be pivoted for transportation. The dolly also includes adjustable cable guards and independent tracking positions located at each wheel, wheels are locked internally so wheel tread remains dent free.

Maximum Payload Capacity 200kg (440.9lbs)
Weight 9.2kg (20.2lbs)
Transport Length 760mm (29.9”)
Footprint Diameter 1120mm (44.1”)
Tracking Width 970mm (38.2”)
Wheel Diameter 125mm (4.9”)
Compatibility HD Tripod 3354
Compact and portable with carry handle
Supports payloads up to 200 kg (440.1 lbs)
Independent dolly wheel axle brake system eliminates wheel tyre indents
Multiple wheel positions for linear or radius dolly tracking
125mm (4.9”) dual ball bearing wheels for quick swivel-turn action
Dolly tracking width 970mm (38.2”)
Sturdy adjustable cable guards
Quick fold away design
Suited for HD Studio Tripod (3354)


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