Miller AirV Fluid Head

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The Miller AirV Fluid Head MIL-1044 (MIL1044) is a versatile and reliable tripod head that is perfect for both new videographers and professionals alike. It boasts a compact and lightweight design, making it easy to transport and use on the go.

With its side loading, quick release Versa plate, the Miller AirV allows for 100mm of balance travel, making it simple to balance a wide range of camera payloads. It also features 2 selectable positions of counterbalance, ensuring smooth and stable movements for payloads ranging from 2-5kg (4.4-11lbs).

The Miller AirV stands out with its unique and reliable fluid drag technology, providing smooth starts, soft stops, and consistent performance even in extreme environments. Its precision ball bearing mounted pan-tilt movement and precise floating pan-tilt calliper locks ensure bounce-free on-off performance.

Constructed with high-strength die-cast alloy and rigid composite polymers, the Miller AirV is built to withstand rugged outdoor shooting conditions and endure for many years. It also offers a removable ball level stud for flat base mounting and an accessory mount option for viewfinders, giving users even more versatility.

As with all Miller products, the AirV comes with a 3 year warranty and delivers the “right feel” that professionals demand. Whether you’re just starting out or looking for a lightweight travel companion, the Miller AirV Fluid Head MIL-1044 is a dependable and high-performing choice for all your videography needs.

About The Miller AirV Fluid Head
AIRV is purpose-built for new entrants into the field of videography and for professionals who want a lightweight travel companion for payloads up to 5kg (11lbs).

For that fast action set-up the dual position counterbalance and 100mm camera-plate travel assist quick and easy balancing in both standard and heavier camera configurations. Whatever your application the AIRV will always impress you and your clients.

Constructed of lightweight high-strength die-cast alloy and rigid composite polymers, featuring precision ball bearing supported pan and tilt movements, AIRV is extremely durable and robust delivering silky smooth pan-tilt fluid actions to match camera payloads up to 5kg (11Ibs).

AIRV fluid drag system is uniquely designed to employ smooth start and soft stop technology with no variation in performance over a wide range of temperatures and environments.

AIRV is a lightweight compact choice that will deliver good dependable results for many years. It meets the demands of professional storytellers and comes with the reliability and “THE RIGHT FEEL” that are the hallmarks of every Miller product.

Payload Range 2-5kg (4.4-11.0lbs )
Weight 1.4kg (3.0lbs)
Counterbalance Positions 2 selectable positions
Pan Tilt Drag Fixed
Pan Tilt Locks Positive lock caliper brake system
Tilt Range +90° / -75°
Pan Range 360°
Camera Platform Quick release, side load Versa camera plate
Sliding Range 100mm (3.93″)
Mounting Base Ø75mm (2.9″) ball levelling
Height Above Bowl 146mm (5.7″)
Pan Handle Fixed length 390mm (15.4″)
Temperature Range -40° to +65°C (-40° to +150°F)

Compact, lightweight, dependable.
Side loading, quick release Versa plate, with 100mm of balance travel.
2 selectable positions of counterbalance.
Perfect for camera payloads to 2-5kg (4.4-11lbs).
Unique, reliable fluid drag technology delivering smooth starts, soft stops pans-tilt actions.
Consistent fluid drag performance in extreme environments.
Precision ball bearing mounted pan-tilt movement.
Precise floating pan-tilt calliper locks ensure bounce free on-off performance.
Side loading, quick release Versa plate, with 100mm of balance travel.
Robust construction for rugged outdoor shooting conditions, built for endurance.
Removable ball level stud for flat base mounting (sliders) with 3/8″ screw hole.
Accessory mount option for viewfinders.
Optional second pan handle mount.
3 year warranty




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