Nanlite Forza 720

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The Nanlite Forza 720 Daylight LED Spotlight 31-2007 (312007) is a high-performance light that delivers an immense amount of accurate, daylight-balanced light. With a rated power of 800 watts, this compact and lightweight fixture is perfect for studio and photography lighting.

Featuring a CRI of 95 and TLCI of 96, the Forza 720 provides highly accurate color reproduction and is compatible with the nearly universal Bowens mount for easy use with a variety of modifiers. The light can be dimmed from 0-100% in 0.1% increments, allowing for precise control over brightness.

Whether you choose to power the Forza 720 with an AC outlet or with V-Mount batteries (sold separately), this light is versatile and can be used in a variety of settings. It also offers a range of control options, including wireless control through the NANLINK mobile app or DMX and RDM control through XLR input and output.

The Forza 720 also comes with a range of built-in effects and unlimited customization options, allowing for quick and easy creation of complicated lighting scenarios. The fully featured yoke mount is compatible with both 5/8” baby pins and 1 1/8” junior pins, and the light also offers four different DMX dimming curves for more expressive fades.

With included accessories such as a quick-release clamp, over 31 feet of cabling, and a carrying case, the Forza 720 is a reliable and versatile choice for professional lighting needs. With its immense output and precise color accuracy, this Nanlite LED spotlight is sure to exceed expectations and meet the demands of even the most challenging lighting tasks.

Colour temperature: 5600K
CRI: 95
TLCI: 96
1x Forza 720
1x Control Unit
1x Connection Cable 5M
1x Power Cable 4.5M
1x Reflector
1x COB Protective Cap
1x Quick Release Clamp
1x Carrying Bag
1x User Manual
1x DMX Reference Guide

About The Nanlite Forza 720
Delivering an immense amount of accurate, daylight-balanced light with a premium metal build-quality and a suite of control options, from a respected maker of video-production lights with nearly 30 years of experience — the Nanlite Forza 720 LED Spot Light redefines performance and value in high-powered fixtures. With a rated power of 800 watts, Forza 720 fills production roles handled by powerful HMI lights in a much more lightweight, compact, and heat-efficient package.

Immense Output From A Compact Light

The Forza 720 can create the effect of sunlight pouring through windows no matter the time of day you’re shooting, while also being nimble enough to dim from 0 to 100% with 0.1% increments, always letting you fine-tune for your needs. This high-performance light is easy to handle, mount, and position with the head weighing only 10.58 lbs (4.8 kg) and the Control Unit just 9.26 lbs (4.2 kg).

Highly Color Accurate

With a CRI of 95 and TLCI of 96 of daylight-balanced 5600K light, Forza 720 provides a high level of accuracy so you can be assured that your work will have precise color reproduction.

A Suite of Control Options

For wireless control you have the choice of using the powerful NANLINK mobile app via built-in Bluetooth, or use the built-in 2.4G with remotes or the WS-TB-1 Transmitter Box (sold separately) for more elaborate setups. Advanced applications can utilize DMX and RDM control through XLR input and output. A USB-A port is provided for future firmware updates.

AC or Battery Power

Forza 720 can run on a standard AC outlet or go untethered with two 14.8V or 26V V-Mount batteries (sold separately), which mount to the sides of the Control Unit for easy access. The Control Unit also provides multiple loops for attaching safety wires when mounting.

Bowens Mount Compatibility

Outfitted with a Bowens mount, Forza 720 provides compatibility with a vast number of modifiers and lenses, including Nanlite’s own line of Easy-Up softboxes, our Bowens Mount Projector, and the FL-20G fresnel and barndoors (all sold separately).

Built-In Effects & Unlimited Customization

11 built-in practical effects let you create complicated lighting scenarios in seconds, such as Storm, Paparazzi and TV, and all of the effects can be deeply customized and saved as quickly recallable presets with the free NANLINK mobile app.

Fully Featured Yoke

The yoke mount is compatible with both 5/8” baby pins and 1 1/8” junior pins. The yoke itself has an umbrella holder and a durable, single-sided lock for quick adjustment.

DMX Dimming Curves

You can select four different DMX dimming curves, like Logarithm and S-Curve, to create more expressive fades. Instead of the dimming function directly following input from the fader, it will slow down in some areas and speed up in others in order to create a more appealing look and feel.

Included Accessories Add Functionality

A sturdy quick-release clamp is included that lets you quickly and securely mount the Control Unit to both standard light stands and larger diameter poles and other objects. You can rig and position Forza 720 with over 31 feet (9.5 m) of included cabling. A nicely made carrying case, protective COB cap, and reflector are also included. Forza 720 supplies you with the output required to accomplish some of the most demanding tasks in creative lighting with the reliability, consistency, and support that has made Nanlite a popular and respected manufacturer of professional production equipment for decades.

CRI 95
Warranty Limited 2-Year Warranty (Extend to 3 Years Total With Online Registration)
Color Temperature (Kelvin) 5600K
Beam Angle Flood 120°
Dimming 0-100%
DMX Control Yes
Compatible Wifi Adapter NANLINK WS-TB-1 Transmitter Box
Compatible Remote NANLINK App, WS-RC-C2 Remote Control
Wireless Control Type Bluetooth, 2.4G
Frequency 2.4Ghz
Accessory Port(s) Bowens Mount
Light Modifier Bayonet Mount Bowens mount
Operating Temperature ta45℃
Cooling System Fan
Power Source DC48V/16.67A Max AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Max Power Consumption 800W
Includes Rechargeable Battery No
Battery Compatibility 14.8V or 26V V-Mount Battery
Battery Included No
Battery Required V-Mount Battery
Runtime @ 10% Brightness (Hours) 2 x 14.8V: 3h 50mins 2 x 26V: 6h 05mins

Not only does Forza 720 deliver considerably more light output than others in its class, it does so with a noticably compact and lightweight control unit and head


With a CRI of 95 and TLCI of 96, Forza 720 provides a high-level of accuracy for precise color reproduction, features the nearly universal Bowens mount for vast compatibility with modifiers


Create the effect of bright sunlight or dark & moody scenes with 0-100% dimming which you can fine tune in 0.1% increments, run Forza 720 on an AC outlet or battery power


For wireless control you can use the powerful NANLINK mobile app via built-in Bluetooth, or use built-in 2.4G with remotes or the WS-TB-1 Transmitter Box (sold separately), or go advanced with DMX


The advanced yoke features a junior mount, umbrella holder, and a one-sided lock, includes a quick-relase clamp, carrying case, and over 30 feet of cable




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