Rode NTH100M Headset

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The NTH-100M is a professional over-ear headset designed for broadcast and media productions, content creation, streaming and gaming, and business applications. It boasts custom-matched drivers for an accurate frequency response and low distortion, as well as a precision-engineered acoustic construction optimized for exceptional detail, clarity, and a natural sound. The headset also features a broadcast-grade microphone that offers natural voice reproduction and excellent speech intelligibility in any environment, with optimal plosive rejection for crystal-clear communication. The microphone is easily detachable for use with or without the headset.

Comfort is also a top priority with the NTH-100M, as it comes with Alcantara earcup and headband cushions, as well as a revolutionary CoolTech M gel for reducing wearing fatigue. The closed-back earcups are ergonomically designed and feature memory foam for excellent isolation from background noise. The headband is fully adjustable and includes the FitLok locking system for a tailored fit. Additionally, the headset comes with a high-quality 2.4m (8′) TRRS cable for connecting to computers and mobile devices.

1 x NTH-100 Headphones
1 x NTH-Mic Headset Microphone
1 x 2.4m TRRS Cable
1 x Storage Pouch
1 x Splitter Cable

Headphones Weight 350g
Headphones Length 80mm
Headphones Width 190mm
Headphones Height 188mm
Mic Weight 5g
Mic Length 125mm
Mic Width 20mm
Mic Height 40mm
Warranty 2 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty

Professional over-ear headset
Custom-matched drivers deliver an incredibly accurate frequency response and low distortion
Precision-engineered acoustic construction optimised for exceptional detail, clarity and a very natural sound
Broadcast-grade microphone Natural voice reproduction with excellent speech intelligibility in any environment
Positioned for optimal plosive rejection Easily detachable for use with or without microphone
Alcantara earcup and headband cushions
Revolutionary CoolTech M gel
FitLok headband locking system




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