SmallHD 4K HDMI Cable 90cm

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The 4K HDMI to 4K HDMI Cable is a high-quality cable that is designed to transfer high-definition video and audio signals. It has a length of 36 inches (90cm) and is compatible with the HDMI 2.0 standard, making it suitable for 4K resolution. This cable features full-size connectors (Type A) which ensure a reliable and secure connection between devices.

The 3-foot HDMI 2.0 Cable is another option for those looking for a high-quality cable that is compatible with 4K resolution. It is designed with the same specifications as the 4K HDMI to 4K HDMI Cable, with a length of 3 feet (90cm) and full-size connectors (Type A). This cable is ideal for connecting devices such as televisions, gaming consoles, and streaming devices to achieve a high-quality 4K viewing experience.

Cable Length: 0.9m
Cable Input: HDMI
Cable Output: HDMI
1x SmallHD HDMI Cable 90cm

About The SmallHD 4K HDMI Cable 90cm
4K HDMI to 4K HDMI Cable (36in/90cm)

3-foot HDMI 2.0 Cable (4K Compatible)

High-Quality 4K HDMI Cable with full size connectors (Type A). Length: 36in (90cm)

Length 90 cm / 36 inches / 3 foot
4K Compatible Yes
Connectors Type A




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