SmallHD RED Komodo Hinge Mount

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A new friction-based monitor mount has been designed specifically for the RED® KOMODO™ camera. This mount offers a convenient and secure way to attach the camera to the top of the monitor, with the ability to tilt up to 180 degrees. It is compatible with the KOMODO Outrigger Handle sold by RED and can securely mount either the Focus Pro or SmallHD monitor using a center 1/4-20 mount with anti-spin locating pins. The mount can be easily attached to the KOMODO using two 1/4-20 screws and the friction can be adjusted by loosening or tightening the hinge screws.

This new version of the friction-based hinge mount, version 2, is specifically designed for the Focus Pro monitors and the RED® KOMODO™ camera. It offers a secure and reliable way to mount the camera and monitor, with the added convenience of being able to adjust the friction to suit individual preferences. This makes it an ideal choice for professionals using the KOMODO camera and looking for a reliable and efficient way to mount their monitor.

1x RED Komodo Hinge Mount

About The SmallHD RED Komodo Hinge Mount
Friction-based hinge mount v2 designed for Focus Pro monitors and the RED® KOMODO™ camera. Now compatible with the KOMODO™ Outrigger Handle sold by RED. Securely mount Focus Pro or the SmallHD monitor of choice with center 1/4-20 mount featuring anti-spin locating pins. Attaches to KOMODO via two 1/4-20 screws. Adjust friction by loosening or tightening the hinge screws.

Compatible With RED KOMODO

Friction-based monitor mount for the RED® KOMODO™
Convenient and secure KOMODO camera-top mount with 180 degrees of tilt.




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