Swit 24-Ch DMX512 Light Console

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The LA-R240 is a standard DMX512 console with an isolater, designed for use in broadcast studios and on stage. It features 24 channel sliders, 6 submaster sliders, and 1 master slider. The console can be connected to up to 4 units in a serial connection, allowing for a maximum of 96 channels. The LCD display shows the DMX values for each channel, and there are flash control buttons for each slider. The console is also 19-inch rack mountable.

In addition to its standard features, the LA-R240 also supports PowerCON AC 88-256V 50/60Hz input and loop output, RS232 remote control, and RJ45 serial link ports. It has both 3-pin male and female DMX sockets. The 6 submaster sliders allow for grouping of channels, and the master slider controls all connected lights. The console also has FINE +/- buttons for fine adjustments to slide values. With the ability to connect up to 4 units, the LA-R240 can expand to a maximum of 96 channels, with the master unit controlling channels 1-24 and the slave units controlling channels 25-96.

About The Swit 24-Ch DMX512 Light Console
24-ch DMX Console

LA-R240 is a Zero-basis operatable standard DMX512 light console of 24 channel sliders, for broadcast studio and stage. 


LA-R240 supports PowerCON AC 88-256V 50/60Hz input and loop output, RS232 remote control, RJ45 serial link ports and DMX sockets of both 3-pin male and female.

Submaster and Master Control

LA-R240 provides 6x Submaster sliders to group any of the 24 channels, and a Master slider to control all connected lights. The LCD displays exact values of every DMX channel, and has FINE +/- buttons to fine adjust slide values.

Serial Connection to Max 96-ch

You can connect up tp 4x LA-R240 by RJ45 cables, to expand DMX channels to Max 96. The Master unit is in charge of DMX 1-24, and the Slave units are DMX 25-48, 49-72 and 73-96.

Channel 24
Submaster 6
Master 1
DMX 3-pin XLR Female x1; Male x1
Serial connection 4 units, Max 96-ch
Power PowerCON AC 88-256V 50/60Hz IN x1; LOOPx1
Dimension 482×265×75mm
Weight 2.65kg

Standard DMX512 console with isolater
24x channel sliders, 6x submaster, 1x master
Up to 4 units serial connection to 96 channels
LCD display DMX values of each channel
Flash control buttons for each slider
19-inch rack mountable




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