Swit SL-100P LED Replacement Panel

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The Swit SL-100P LED textile panel is a versatile and durable lighting solution, perfect for any production set. With 560pcs SMD LEDs, this fabric foldable light offers a powerful 100W output and a brightness of 2800Lux at 1 meter. It also features a wide color temperature range of 2700K-6500K, allowing for complete control over the lighting ambiance. Additionally, the light head is IP54 waterproof, ensuring it can withstand various weather conditions and environments.

The Swit SL-100P LED textile panel also boasts advanced dimming capabilities, with 0-100% non-linear curve flick-free dimming. This allows for smooth and precise adjustments to the light output without any unwanted flickering. With a high CRI of Ra 98 and TLCI of 99, this light produces accurate and natural colors, making it a reliable choice for any production. It is also a replacement spare for the Swit SL-100P Light Kit and is designed with IP54 rainproof capabilities, making it a versatile and reliable lighting solution for any outdoor shoot.

1x LED Textile Panel Spare Replacement for SL-100P

About The Swit SL-100P LED Replacement Panel
Swit SL-100P LED textile panel replacement spare for the Swit SL-100P Light Kit.

IP54 RainProof Flexible Light

Bi-colour Flexible LED Light SL-100P features: 100W power and IP54 rainproof.

Panel SL-100P Panel Only
LED 560pcs
Colour Temperature 2700K-6500K
Brightness 0%-100%, Non-liner
Luminance 2800 Lux @ 1m
IP Class IP54 (Both light head and Controller)
CRI 98
Power 100W
Input Voltage DC/Battery 11-36V

560pcs SMD LEDs fabric foldable light
IP54 waterproof light head
100W power, 2800Lux @ 1 meter
0-100% non-liner curve flick-free dimming
CRI Ra 98, TLCI 99




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