Tokina Vista-P 135mm T1.5 Cine Lens – PL

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Vista Prime Improved: Tokina Cinema has upgraded their popular Vista Prime series with the new Vista-P series. These lenses offer a lower contrast look with strong spherical distortion, creating a unique swirly bokeh effect. They are available as brand new lenses or as an upgrade service for existing lenses, providing increased creative options for filmmakers.

Craft With Control: The Vista-P lenses feature a fast T1.5 9-blade aperture for exceptional bokeh and nearly zero focus breathing, allowing for complete control over the image. With a vintage look and modern features, these lenses offer coverage up to 65mm for large format sensors. The result is exquisite images with a unique character and high resolution.

Focal Length: 135mm
Max Aperture: T/1.5
Lens Format: Full Frame
Lens Type: Cine Prime
Lens Mount: PL Mount
Filter Thread: 112mm
Front Diameter: 114mm
Scale: Imperial
Weight: 2-5kg
1x Tokina Vista-P 135mm Lens – PL MountAbout The Tokina Vista-P 135mm T1.5 Cine Lens – PL
Vintage character, modern performance

The design philosophy of Tokina Cinema’s team of optical experts was to create a set of cinema lenses with a vintage character, combined with high resolution and modern lens handling. Working closely with several leading cinematographers and rental houses they created a truly characterful lens with a unique blend of buttery, swirly bokeh towards the edge of the frame, yet incredibly high resolution in the middle. They have virtually no breathing and a super fast T1.5 T-stop that guarantees excellent separation between subject and background when required. The result is nothing short of exquisite.

The images the Vista-P lenses create have a look all their own. At the edge of frame the look is similar to famous vintage lenses like the Helios-44 or Petzval, with their swirl-type distortion especially favoured for portraits. Stopping the lens down reduces this effect for a more conventional rendering. Overall the look is cleaner and more modern, with resolution that exceeds traditional vintage lenses.

The new lens options open up a range of creative possibilities. The ultra-fast 1.5 T-stop combined with the 105mm or 135mm telephoto can create stunning close-ups of talent with shallow focus. The 40mm and 65mm lenses have become increasingly popular as intermediate focal lengths that provide a creative alternative to the more traditional 35mm and 50mm focal lengths.

Precision factory-tuned for maximum effect

The Tokina Cinema Vista-P lenses are derived from the design of the well-established Vista line of primes used on hit shows like Ted Lasso, Loki, Killing Eve and The Gentlemen. From the outside, the Vista-P series lenses look physically similar to the existing Vista lenses, but they are significantly re-engineered inside. Moving the placement of the lens elements has increased air-to-glass distance on hard to reach elements to deliberately introduce a much stronger spherical distortion, essentially de-tuning the lenses in-factory to add the distinctive character.

The images created by Vista-P are also lower-contrast due to the increased distance in air-to-glass surfaces which further emulates the look of vintage lenses. The combination of increased distortion of the edges of the frame, plus this lower contrast, make Vista-P an ideal modern alternative to less reliable and lower-resolution vintage lenses.

Designed for Vistavision

With the Tokina Cinema Vista-P series, the spherical distortion effect is most noticeable at the Vista Vision/Full Frame intended area of definition. The effect can be lessened at the edge of the frame if Super35 or smaller formats are used.

The Vista lens advantage

Apart from the difference in character, the Tokina Cinema Vista-P lenses retain all the other key advantages of the regular Vista Primes. They exhibit virtually no focus-breathing and have image circles with a 46.7mm area of definition that can cover all large format cinema cameras. The lenses share the same 114mm front O.D. and nine-blade iris, and come in PL, LPL, Sony E, EF or MFT mount.

Mount PL
Focal Distance 135mm
Optical Structure 14 groups 16 elements
Image Circle 46.7mm
Minimum Focus Distance 1.40m (4’7″)
Maximum Focus Distance 1 : 9.75
Focus Mode Internal Focus System
Aperture/Iris Blades 9 Blades
Depth of Field T1.5
Filter Size 112mm
Length 187mm
Length (from mount surface) 173mm
Diameter of Front Head φ114mm
Max Diameter 124mm (excluding tripod collar)
Weight (kg) 2.99
Weight (lbs) 6.59
Vista Prime Improved

We improved on our popular Vista Prime series with the Vista-P series. This series adds greater spacing between air to glass surfaces creating a lower contrast look with strong spherical distortion for a swirly bokeh Petzval type effect. Available as brand new lenses or as an upgrade service to your existing lenses, this is a one-way modification that allows for increased creative options.

Craft With Control

Create images with complete control using the fast T1.5 9-blade aperture for exceptional bokeh. Provide continuity with nearly zero focus breathing optical design to leave your subject right where you left it.

Vintage Look

Vintage lenses are known for their reduced contrast and imperfect bokeh rendering. The Vista-P gives you similar image characteristics but in a modern housing and an ultra fast T1.5 allowing for more options in low light or shallow depth of field. The modifications in this series make for a vintage style lens with modern features and coverage up to 65mm large format sensors.




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