Z CAM EVF Electronic Viewfinder

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The Z CAM EVF Electronic Viewfinder is a must-have for any filmmaker or videographer. With its compact and portable design, this electronic viewfinder is perfect for on-the-go use. It boasts a high resolution of 1440×1440, delivering crystal clear images for precise framing and composition.

One of the standout features of the Z CAM EVF is its wireless HDR capability. This allows for real-time monitoring of high dynamic range footage, giving you a more accurate representation of your final product. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to professional-grade results.

The EV101 model of the Z CAM EVF comes with built-in LUTs (lookup tables), making it easier to achieve your desired color and tone in post-production. This feature not only saves time but also ensures consistency in your footage.

In addition to LUTs, the Z CAM EVF also has built-in exposure tools such as waveform, vectorscope, and false color. These tools help you to accurately assess and adjust your exposure, ensuring that your footage is properly exposed in any lighting situation.

For added convenience, the Z CAM EVF has an adjustable diopter, allowing you to fine-tune the focus to your eyesight. This ensures a comfortable and clear viewing experience, without the need for additional glasses or lenses.

The Z CAM EVF is compatible with both HDMI and SDI inputs, making it versatile and suitable for a wide range of cameras and setups. Whether you’re shooting with a DSLR, mirrorless camera, or professional cinema camera, the Z CAM EVF has got you covere

Resolution: Full HD
Diopter Range: -8 to +4
Power Connection: 2-pin Lemo
Video Connection: HDMI/SDI
1x Z CAM EVF Electronic Viewfinder
1x D-TAP to 2 Pin Lemo Cable

Type LCD
Resolution 1440 x 1440
Size 2.89″
FOV 49.3º
Adjustable range -8 to +4
HDMI Input Video resolution up to UHD 30fps – Progressive Input Only
SDI Input Video resolution up to 1080p 60fps – Progressive Input Only
USB (Type A) Load user defined LUTs
Mounting Option Rosette with M6 screw thread
Input colour depth 10-bit
Exposure tools Zebra, False colour, Waveform, Histogram, Vectorscope,
Frame line, Center mark, Safe area.
Other tools Focus peaking, magnifier
Built in LUTs Selectable LUTs & user defined LUTs
Antenna Dual antenna system
WiFi band 5GHz
HDR Supported
Power Input 2-pin LEMO
Power Consumption 5.5W (maximum)
LxWxH 174.5 x 76.3 x 73.3mm (approximately)
Net weight 612.6 gram (approximately)


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