Edelkrone Controller V2

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Controller for edelkrone Moco
The dedicated remote control solution for your edelkrone ecosystem, now with double the battery life and a fully wired option.

Entire edelkrone ecosystem at your fingertips
Controller for edelkrone Moco gives effortless control over any combination of motorized edelkrone motion control systems including sliders, jibs, heads, and dollies.

Easy, Simple & Fast
Easy to Control, Quick to Operate- Controller for edelkrone Moco includes the essential features of the edelkrone App, freeing up your mobile device as you film. You can use the navigation pad to adjust speed, acceleration, and any axis of your edelkrone devices including slide, swing, pan, tilt, and focus.
Simply Set Desired Motions- There are three keypose buttons on Controller for edelkrone Moco. You can use the navigation pad on your controller to adjust the position of your edelkrone device. Then, just press & hold a keypose button to save it into your Controller for edelkrone Moco.
Even Faster with Hand-Controlled Devices- edelkrone devices with hand-control ability (such as SliderPLUS, JibONE, and HeadPLUS) are even quicker to program into Controller for edelkrone Moco. Just move the device into position by hand, and press & hold a keypose button to save it instantly.

Fully Wired Connection Option
Controller for edelkrone Mocoworks seamlessly with Wired Signal Hub for edelkrone Moco (sold separately) to provide a fully wired connection to your edelkrone motion control systems. This is perfect for environments with high wireless interference, ensuring a stable connection between your edelkrone controller and devices. Cables are not provided with Controller for edelkrone Moco.

Double the Battery Life
Controller for edelkrone Moco effectively doubles the battery life of the previous generation, increasing it from 4.5 hours to 10+ hours of continuous wireless use, and 23+ hours with a wired connection when paired with Wired Signal Hub for edelkrone Moco.
Controller for edelkrone Moco’s extended battery life is long enough for most productions, but even if the batteries run out, your programmed motions are kept saved to be recalled when batteries are replaced, allowing you to resume where you have left off.

Gesture Control Mode for Ultimate Efficiency
Controller for edelkrone Moco looks like a simple remote control but comes with a next-level feature to further streamline your workflow. With Gesture Control Mode, you can simply move your Controller for edelkrone Moco to control pan, tilt, swing, or slide.
Gesture Control Mode works with JibONE, Pan PRO, HeadONE, HeadPLUS, SliderPLUS with Motor Module, SliderONE, DollyONE, and DollyPLUS.

Size: 110 x 45 x 23 mm / 4.33 x 1.77 x 0.9 in
Weight: 113 g / 3.98 oz
Power Input: x2 AA batteries (Batteries not included)
Battery Life (Continuous Operation): 11 hrs. wireless and 23 hrs. wired with x2 2800 mAh rechargeable AA batteries, 9 hrs. wireless and 28 hrs. wired with x2 alkaline AA batteries, 19 hrs. wireless and 50 hrs. wired with x2 lithium AA batteries.
Operation Range: Up to 82 ft. (25 m)
Wireless Connection Compatibility: Motor Module, JibONE v1 / v2, SliderONE, HeadONE, Pan Module, HeadPLUS v2, Focus/Zoom Module, DollyONE, DollyPLUS.
Wired Connection Compatibility: Motor Module, JibONE v2, Pan Module, HeadPLUS v2, Focus/Zoom Module
Link Cable Socket: 3.5 mm (Link cable sold separately)
Mobile Device Connection: 2.4GHz direct link for inter-device communication and BLE for pairing / mobile phone connection.
Materials: CNC machined aluminum and stainless steel components.

Controller for edelkrone Moco
Hand strap




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