Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Extreme

£885.00 Ex VAT

Huge savings on the Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Extreme (p/n SWATEMMINICEXT) blackmagic-atem-mini-extreme / SWATEMMINICEXT. To download the manual, please click here
ATEM Mini Extreme is an advanced switcher for true professionals! You get all the ATEM Mini Pro features plus 8 HDMI inputs, 2 separate HDMI outputs, 2 USB ports and a headphone connection. There are also 4 chroma keyers, 6 picture in picture DVEs, 2 media players, and a multiview with up to 16 views!
Introducing low cost, multi camera, live production with advanced broadcast features.
ATEM Mini switchers make it easy to create professional multi camera productions for live streaming to YouTube and innovative business presentations using Skype or Zoom! Simply connect ATEM Mini and you can switch live up to 8 high quality video camera inputs for dramatically better quality images. Or connect a computer for PowerPoint…
  • 1x ATEM Mini Extreme
  • 1x External 12V DC power supply with international socket adapters
  • 1x 12 Months Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty

    About The Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Extreme

    To download the manual, please click here

    ATEM Mini Extreme is an advanced switcher for true professionals! You get all the ATEM Mini Pro features plus 8 HDMI inputs, 2 separate HDMI outputs, 2 USB ports and a headphone connection. There are also 4 chroma keyers, 6 picture in picture DVEs, 2 media players, and a multiview with up to 16 views!

    Introducing low cost, multi camera, live production with advanced broadcast features.
    ATEM Mini switchers make it easy to create professional multi camera productions for live streaming to YouTube and innovative business presentations using Skype or Zoom! Simply connect ATEM Mini and you can switch live up to 8 high quality video camera inputs for dramatically better quality images. Or connect a computer for PowerPoint slides or gaming consoles. The built in DVE allows exciting picture in picture effects, perfect for commentary! There are loads of video effects too! All ATEM Mini models have USB that works like a webcam so you can use any streaming software while the ATEM Mini Extreme models add live streaming and recording to USB disks. ATEM Mini even has secret broadcast features for high end work!

    Faster Video Production plus Live Streaming
    Live production is the fastest way to complete a finished program, plus you can stream it to a live global audience via YouTube at the same time. The USB webcam output works with any streaming software while the Pro and Extreme models will directly stream via the internet to popular social media platforms! With up to 8 HDMI inputs, depending on the model, you can set up multiple camera angles such as wide shots and close ups of each person in the performance. Then connect to a computer with a PowerPoint slide show or websites and gaming consoles. All switching is in real time so you can live stream your show to platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and many more!

    Self Contained Broadcast Quality Switcher
    ATEM Mini’s compact all in one design includes both a control panel as well as connections. The front panel includes easy to use buttons for selecting sources, video effects and transitions. The source buttons are large so it’s possible to use it by feel, letting the presenter do the switching! You even get buttons for audio mixing! On the Extreme models you also get buttons for record and streaming control, as well as output selection buttons that let you change the video output between cameras, program and multiview. On the rear panel there are HDMI connections for cameras or computers, extra microphone inputs, USB for webcam out plus an HDMI “aux” output for program video..

    Easy to Use and Fast to Learn!
    There’s never been a switcher that’s easier to use, as you simply press any of the input buttons labelled by number on the front panel to cut between video sources. You can choose between cut or effects transitions by selecting the cut or auto buttons. Unlike cut, the auto button tells ATEM Mini to use a video effect when switching inputs. You can select from exciting transitions such as dissolve, or more dramatic effects such as dip to colour, DVE squeeze and DVE push. Add a DVE effect for picture in picture effects with customized picture positions and background. There are even “media players” which are a still store for titles and graphics that you can load via external software control.

    Stream Live Interviews
    ATEM Mini is perfect for interviews as you can connect multiple cameras for close ups of the host, or interviewee, as well as wide shots plus ATEM Mini is so small the host can even switch in small studios. Extreme models support live streaming to YouTube, Facebook and more!

    Business Presentations via Skype
    Get dramatically better business presentations on Skype because ATEM Mini makes Skype see it as a webcam, so you can select it in the Skype settings! One camera can be a close up, another for a wide shot and a computer for PowerPoint presentations. The presenter can even use picture in picture!

    Live Stream eSport Competitions
    Live stream eSport competitions to Twitch by simply connecting multiple gaming consoles and a camera for a presenter. ATEM Mini operates up to 60 frames per second for fast gameplay and you can use picture in picture for commentary! You can even download titles direct from Photoshop!

    Kickstarter and Investor Updates
    Raise the professionalism of Kickstarter or investor presentations to fund your new product idea! Connect a camera for the presenter, a camera for a product close up and a computer for business plan slides. Then present live via Skype or Zoom and even post recordings for investors to view later!

    Education and Training
    ATEM Mini is perfect for educational videos! Setup is fast and easy, so you can travel to locations and record live multi camera video productions on a wide range of educational topics! Connect computers and cameras and use the ATEM Software Panel to load titles and perform video effects.

    Connect up to 8 Independent Cameras
    With 4 or 8 HDMI inputs depending on the model, you can connect multiple cameras for different views. Video cameras with HDMI outputs are better quality than simple webcams as they use higher quality lenses and have better low light sensitivity. All video sources will re-sync to the switcher if they operate at different video standards so you don’t have to worry about connecting video devices as they all just work! Cameras with HDMI often support interchangeable lenses so you can change to wide angle lenses for wide shots and zoom lenses for close ups. Imagine taking advantage of the low light capability of better cameras for theater production, weddings, school concerts and music videos!

    Outputs to HDMI Video and USB Webcam!
    To ensure maximum compatibility, all ATEM Mini models feature USB that operates as a simple webcam source. That means you can plug into a computer and get working with any video software! The software is tricked into thinking the ATEM Mini is a common webcam, but it’s really a live production switcher. That guarantees full compatibility with any video software and in full resolution 1080HD quality. Choose any software you like, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype for a new way to do presentations with a professional multi camera broadcast quality style! The ATEM Mini webcam output also works with streaming software such as Open Broadcaster, XSplit Broadcaster and more!

    Live Stream via Ethernet on ATEM Mini Pro
    ATEM Mini Pro and ATEM Mini Extreme models have a built in hardware streaming engine for live streaming via their ethernet connections. That means you can live stream to YouTube, Facebook and Twitch in better quality, without dropped frames and with simpler settings. Just select the streaming service and enter the streaming key! There are palettes in ATEM Software Control for streaming setup, plus streaming status is also displayed in the multiview. Streaming status is easy to understand as the data rate indicator shows internet speed required for the video format you’re using. If you’re technically minded, you can update the streaming profiles in an XML settings file to load new services.

    Connect 5G or 4G Phones for Mobile Data
    If you’re doing live production on location then the ATEM Mini Pro and Extreme models support connecting an Apple or Android phone to the USB port to use mobile data! It’s also a great backup for the main Ethernet connection. Phone tethering works with the latest high speed 5G phones plus the more common 4G phones! The ATEM switcher will automatically detect when a phone is connected and switch its internet connection to use it, eliminating the need for changing settings. When connected, the phone will power from the USB port so it remains charged from the switcher. By using phone tethering and mobile data, ATEM Mini Extreme becomes the perfect mobile production solutions!

    Record Direct to USB Flash Disks with ATEM Mini Pro
    The ATEM Mini Extreme models also support direct recording of your streaming data to USB flash disks! That means you get very long recordings in the same H.264 video files with AAC audio that you streamed, so you can direct upload to any online video site, such as YouTube or Vimeo. Recording to multiple disks is also supported via a USB hub or Blackmagic MultiDock, so when a disk fills recording can continue to a second disk for non-stop recording. Record settings and disk selection are set up in ATEM Software Control and there’s a record status view in the built-in multiview. You can even trigger recording on connected Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cameras!

    Add Exciting Video Effects
    One of the benefits of ATEM Mini is the professional production values that are possible using the range of built in video effects! The cut button ensures an instant cut when switching between sources. The auto button is a professional term that’s used on large broadcast switchers to enable video effect transitions. There are duration buttons for video effects allowing 0.5, 1, 1.5 and 2 second settings. You can also select the type of effect you want including mix, which does a smooth transition between sources, and dip which fades via a colour during the transition. Or use fun DVE effects that move the image off screen when transitioning between sources!

    Work with Professional Microphones
    With two independent 3.5mm stereo audio inputs, you can connect desktop and lapel microphones. You can even connect a music player to generate introduction music after the live stream commences but before the program starts. With 2 extra stereo audio inputs, you can ensure a host and guest both have lapel microphones when doing interviews. All audio inputs to ATEM Mini include buttons on the panel for adjusting audio level and enabling inputs into the audio mixer. Plus all models feature a Fairlight audio mixer with all HDMI inputs and both microphone inputs are all connected to the audio mixer so you can live mix from all audio sources. The ATEM Mini Extreme also adds a headphone output.

    Automatically Converts Any HDMI Input Format
    Each of the HDMI inputs feature their own dedicated standards converter. That means ATEM Mini will automatically convert 1080p, 1080i and 720p sources to the switcher video standard! By default the switcher will set its video format automatically, however you can also set the switcher to any video standard! The HDMI outputs are a true “aux” output so you can clean switch each HDMI input to the output. You can even “direct” switch input 1 to the HDMI output for low latency eSport productions. Plus the ATEM Mini Extreme models support 2 low latency direct loops, and the HDMI output can be selected to display a full multiview!

    Secret Broadcast Features Built In!
    While ATEM Mini is easy to use, it’s also hiding very powerful broadcast features! If you’re interested in a career in the television industry, then ATEM Mini is perfect for training as it has the same features as switchers in high end broadcast studios. You get an ATEM Advanced Chroma Key, Fairlight audio mixer, DVE, still store for graphics and much more! Simply run the free ATEM Software Control app on Mac or Windows while connected via USB or Ethernet to access the extended features of the ATEM Mini. With a little experimentation you can learn how to produce broadcast quality live production. Only ATEM Mini is a true broadcast switcher hidden in a tiny and affordable design!

    Includes Free ATEM Software Control Panel
    The ATEM Software Control app unlocks the hidden power of ATEM Mini and allows access to every feature in the switcher. ATEM Software Control features a visual switcher user interface with parameter palettes for making quick adjustments. Although you can normally connect via USB, if you connect using Ethernet it’s possible for multiple users to connect to ATEM Mini using separate copies of ATEM Software Control on different computers! The software lets you access full audio mixing with effects, load still frames and even do advanced macro programming! You can even save the switcher state as an XML file! If you need clip playback, you can even control HyperDeck disk recorders via Ethernet.

    DVE for Picture in Picture, Transitions and Effects
    One of the most exciting features on ATEM Mini is the digital video effects processor, commonly referred to as a “DVE”, that allows picture in picture effects and crazy DVE transitions! The DVE lets you create professional picture in picture effects with customizable 3D borders, shadows and lighting. The image quality is the same as high end ATEM switcher models and the DVE supports position, resize and scale, all in real time. The DVE can also be used to create amazing transitions with 16 different DVE squeeze and DVE push effects for adding excitement to your programming. The DVE features a “fly key” so you can use it with custom graphics to create graphic wipe transitions!

    Professional Broadcast Transitions!
    ATEM Mini includes a wide range of broadcast quality HD native transitions such as mix, dip, wipe and more. All transitions can be customized by adjusting parameters such as duration, border colour, border width, position and direction. You can also use the DVE in transitions, allowing a graphic to be moved over the wipe edge which is called a graphic wipe, and is used in sports programming. To eliminate errors, ATEM Mini has a preview transition feature so you can check your transitions before putting them to air!

    Built-in Graphics with Photoshop Plug-In
    The built in “media pool” allows the loading of up to 20 separate broadcast quality RGBA graphics for titles, opening plates and logos. The media player is used to output the selected image so it appears as an extra internal video source for use in graphics and titles. You can even use still frames for complex effects such as graphic wipes. ATEM Mini can also grab stills from the video output and add them to the internal media pool. Graphics can be loaded via ATEM Software Control or downloaded directly from Photoshop using the ATEM Photoshop plug-in. The Photoshop Plug-in is perfect for graphics that change often, such as scoreboards, as you can download directly into the media player.

    Includes New ATEM Advanced Chroma Key
    For news or on-set presentation work, ATEM Mini is perfect as it features the powerful ATEM Advanced Chroma Key for green screen keying effects. The chroma keyer is incredibly powerful and features a colour picker to sample background colours for automatic generation of the key parameters. You get precise controls for edge and flare, and there is even a foreground colour corrector so you can match the foreground and background layers for seamless compositions. You can even use it for title overlays by creating graphics with a green or blue background. Plus the ATEM Mini Extreme includes a massive 4 ATEM Advanced Chroma Keyers, that’s a keyer per camera for fixed camera virtual set production!

    Create Amazing Virtual Sets
    The ATEM Mini Extreme models include 4 upstream chroma keyers and this allows you to build exciting virtual sets! With 4 independent chroma keyers, you get a keyer per camera so you can build a virtual set for up to 4 cameras. With ATEM Mini Extreme you have 8 inputs, 4 to use for cameras and the other 4 can be connected to a virtual set computer for the rendered backgrounds. Or you don’t need to move your cameras, you can do fixed camera virtual sets by loading pre rendered still image backgrounds from the media players and media pool. You can setup macros to change cameras and load the correct background into the media players! Or even use a DeckLink Quad HDMI and live virtual set software!

    Powerful SuperSource Processing!
    In addition to 2 independent DVEs in the ATEM Mini Extreme models, there’s also a powerful SuperSource multi layer processor with 4 extra DVE layers plus a background layer, that all appear to ATEM Mini Extreme as an additional input source. Any ATEM Mini Extreme video input can be used for each SuperSource DVE, then it’s all layered together over a media pool custom background. SuperSource is perfect for doing multiple picture in picture displays with people being interviewed because you can set up the effect before putting it to air, still keeping both main DVEs free for other tasks. SuperSource is just like having an extra multi-layer VFX switcher built in!

    True Broadcast Style Mix Effects Switching
    Although ATEM Mini works in “cut bus” mode when first purchased, it can also be changed to “program/preview” style operation, which is the way large broadcasters use live production switchers. Cut bus switching is easy and selecting any input will instantly switch to that source. However if you want to operate ATEM Mini like a true professional then you can change the switcher to program/preview using ATEM Software Control. Mix effects operation allows a source to be selected but it won’t be put on air until you press the cut or auto buttons. That 2 step program/preview process means fewer mistakes. Program/preview operation is best for training students for a career in broadcast!

    Monitor Sources and Status with Multiview!
    When doing larger live productions with multiple cameras, it’s very useful to see all your video sources at the same time on a single monitor. The ATEM Mini Extreme models include a professional multiview that lets you see all video inputs, preview and program on a single HDMI television or monitor! Simply select M/V on the front panel video output control buttons to select multiview! Each camera view includes tally indicators so you know when each source is on-air, and each view also has custom labels and audio meters. Plus the ATEM Mini Extreme models allow you to select up to 16 custom views! Multiview even includes status for recording, streaming and the audio mixer!

    Built In Audio Mixer with 6 Band EQ, Compressor and Limiter
    With a built in Fairlight audio mixer, ATEM Mini makes it possible to do complex live sound mixing. The internal mixer features enough channels for each HDMI input so you can mix audio from all sources! That’s audio from all HDMI sources and the 2 stereo mic inputs. Each input channel features the highest quality 6 band parametric EQ and compressor, limiter, expander and noise gate as well as full panning. You can even set up the software to auto mix between inputs as you switch “AFV” or to live mix multiple sources together all at once. All this audio power can be controlled via ATEM Software Control, or you can add a Mackie compatible panel or even a massive Fairlight Audio Console!

    Stream to Yourself with ATEM Streaming Bridge!
    The ATEM Streaming Bridge is a video converter that lets you receive a H.264 stream from any ATEM Mini Extreme and convert it back to SDI and HDMI video. This means you can send video to remote locations around your local Ethernet network, or via the internet globally! That’s possible because it uses advanced H.264 codecs for higher quality at very low data rates. Imagine broadcasters and bloggers collaborating on shows and creating global networks of ATEM Mini remote broadcast studios. Setup is easy as the ATEM software utility can create setup files that you can email to remote studios. ATEM Streaming Bridge is the perfect way use ATEM Mini as a remote broadcast studio!

    Control and Colour Balance Cameras!
    For a more broadcast style workflow, you can remote control your cameras from ATEM Mini! Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K and 6K models can work as studio cameras with control sent via the HDMI connection to ATEM Mini. That means you can control the camera settings as well as the camera’s colour corrector from ATEM Software Control. Imagine changing ISO and tint, plus lens iris, focus and zoom, so camera operators can focus on the shot! There are two types of control interface, CCU layout for traditional tint colour control and a DaVinci colour corrector interface allowing the camera’s built in DaVinci colour corrector to add incredible digital film “looks” to your live production!

    Develop Custom Remote Control Solutions
    The Ethernet connection also allows customized control solutions! Even though ATEM Mini includes ATEM Software Control, you can use the Ethernet to control the ATEM remotely, anywhere in the world. A popular workflow is to use the Ethernet to allow the ATEM Mini to be positioned near the HDMI cameras, but the control is positioned remotely in a quieter space, such as a control room. Imagine using the switcher from a control room and building a professional broadcasting studio where the control room can be separated away from the performance or interviews. Ethernet allows you to add as many panels as you like all at the same time, or you can build custom solutions using the developer SDK!

    Record to an External HyperDeck Recorder!
    The HDMI program output is perfect for connecting ATEM Mini to an external recorder or monitor! ATEM Mini supports recorders such as Blackmagic Video Assist. You get a high quality output with switcher program video, plus live audio from the internal audio mixer. The HDMI output can even be connected to video projectors in large venues. If you connect ATEM Software Control you can even ISO record from one of the inputs. Plus, on the more advanced ATEM Mini Extreme models, you can generate multiple formats by recording from the HDMI program output in ProRes, while simultaneously using the built-in recording to H.264 video stream on a USB flash disk!

    Switch Faster with an ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel
    With Ethernet built in, ATEM Mini can use hardware control panels for high end workflows that take advantage of the hidden broadcast features in the switcher! The ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel features the fast program/preview style with separate source buttons for both program and preview rows. Get direct access to all transitions automatically or manually using the t-bar. For accurate control of the DVE the joystick provides X, Y positioning with rotation setting DVE size. You also get LCD menus to control features that don’t have dedicated knobs and buttons. You can even program and trigger macros! Plus you can use ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel later if you upgrade to a bigger ATEM switcher!

    Match Cameras with an ATEM Camera Control Panel
    When working on live production, it’s critical all cameras are perfectly matched with good colour balance for a consistent look as you cut and transition between the different cameras. Go beyond software control by adding an ATEM Camera Control Panel to control all 4 cameras connected to your ATEM Mini! Each camera controller includes a large LCD screen with soft buttons and knobs and a full set of professional controls for live camera adjustments, so you get a very clear indication of camera parameters. The large joystick allows direct adjustment of iris and rotates to set black level. There’s even red, green and blue knobs for fine control of camera colour tint!

     Create professional, broadcast quality programs and stream them live!
    ATEM Mini makes it easy to create professional multi camera productions because it’s portable enough to do a wide range of work, but it’s still a powerful broadcast grade switcher! Plus ATEM Mini is easy to set up! Simply connect some cameras and you’re ready to start your first live stream! You can use features such as the DVE for exciting picture in picture effects which are perfect for live commentary. There are loads of other video effects too. To live stream, ATEM Mini models have a USB output that works like a webcam for streaming software, or ATEM Mini Extreme can live stream direct via Ethernet. Separate mic inputs make interviews and presentations easy!

    Create and stream your own interview talkshow!
    ATEM Mini is perfect for small streaming programs as it’s small enough to allow the presenter to do the switching! With 4 HDMI inputs, you can connect 3 cameras for wide, medium and close up shots, along with a HyperDeck Studio Mini to playback prerecorded clips. The DVE lets you create amazing picture in picture effects complete with drop shadows, coloured borders and more. Picture in picture effects are perfect when you want to show a reaction from the guest you’re interviewing! You can even add lower third graphics and logos to give your program a high end broadcast look. The streaming can be done on a separate computer with streaming software or direct to Ethernet on ATEM Mini Extreme models.

    Live boardroom presentations via Skype
    ATEM Mini lets you stream television broadcast quality presentations from the boardroom to employees and investors all over the world via Skype! The intuitive front panel controls make it easy for anyone to create a professional looking switched program from multiple HDMI cameras and a laptop computer running PowerPoint. That’s perfect for use in conference rooms because you don’t have to be a video expert or need a specialized crew to stream broadcast grade presentations via Skype. There’s even a built in DVE which can be used to add a shot of the presenter over a PowerPoint slide. ATEM Mini connects to a computer via USB and Skype will see it as a simple but high quality web camera!

    Stream eSports and gaming competitions!
    Live streaming eSports and gaming competitions is an exciting way to connect with other gamers. ATEM Mini lets you turn those competitions into professional quality streaming shows that you can publish via platforms such as YouTube Live and Twitch. You can connect multiple game consoles, plus a few cameras, then switch between sources with the touch of a button. ATEM Mini features a DVE for adding player views over game screens, plus there’s a keyer for removing green screens. Imagine superimposing yourself over the game! There’s also a zero latency direct input connection for game consoles, and mic inputs for commentators or player dialog.

    Kickstarter Video Presentations
    You’ve got a great idea, now let ATEM Mini help you get funding! There’s no better way to entice potential investors than with a professional video presentation to showcase your new product. With 4 HDMI inputs, ATEM Mini is big enough for multiple cameras to cover your pitch, plus a close up of your product plus a computer with presentation slides. You can also use the keyers to add callouts or graphics to highlight features of your product. Best of all, because it’s so easy to use, ATEM Mini makes it possible to create broadcast quality video by yourself and on a tight budget! You can even stream your presentations live to investors via Skype or Zoom, or share it on sites such as Kickstarter!

    Broadcast worship services via the internet!
    ATEM Mini makes it possible for congregations of all sizes to spread their message by recording broadcast quality television programs. That’s because it’s the first live production switcher that a volunteer from the congregation can use! It’s affordable so even the smallest congregation can use video to engage with their community. Simply connect HDMI cameras for shots of the minister and congregation, then connect a mic for the minister and you are ready to start recording. You don’t have to have a big budget or a huge staff! Although you can reach a global audience by streaming and uploading the video, you can also set up previous sermons for playback on a projector at other times.

    Stream Lectures and Seminars
    ATEM Mini is ideal for streaming lectures from schools and universities to students around the world. The front panel has all the controls you need so even the lecturer can cut between a camera and a slide show computer. When you need to incorporate content such as video, slides or to show websites or coding, simply plug a computer into the ATEM Mini HDMI input. Because all HDMI inputs on ATEM Mini have standards conversion, it doesn’t matter what video standard the computer is using. Just plug it in! The keyers allow school logos, teacher names, or other graphics to be overlaid on top of the image. The future of education is via online video content and ATEM Mini lets you start right now!

    Live Sporting Events
    ATEM Mini lets you create big league looking programs from your own sporting events! Whether you’re playing table tennis, bowling or baseball, ATEM Mini lets you connect multiple HDMI cameras so you can capture the match from multiple angles and see all of the action. Add an HDMI laptop with the free ATEM plugin for Photoshop and you’ll be able to update graphics templates and send them direct into the switcher from Photoshop. Then you can use the built in downstream keyer to overlay the graphics on top of the game, just like a professional sports broadcast! With ATEM Mini, it’s easy for you and your friends to create broadcast quality live sports programming and stream online!

    Create Music Videos Live!
    Now it’s easy for bands to create music videos and to live stream concerts. Simply set up multiple cameras, allowing a wide shot of the group and close ups of each performer. With a built in Fairlight audio mixer featuring 6 band parametric EQ, compressor and limiter, you’ll get great sound. ATEM Mini has enough effects and keyers to create wild looks by blending in crazy animated sources such as the iTunes visualizer. Plus Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cameras include colour correctors so you can get dramatic and cinematic visual styles! ATEM Mini makes it easy to record music videos while also cultivating your band’s fanbase by streaming your live concerts to YouTube Live or Facebook.
    Software Control:
    The world’s most advanced live production switcher control software!
    ATEM Mini can be operated from the front panel, or you can control it using the included free ATEM Software Control for Mac or Windows. ATEM Software Control gives you even more control and creative options! You can switch video sources live, load the media pool with graphics, use transitions and keys, change switcher settings and mix audio. For larger live productions, you can even run multiple copies of the software so that more than one person can work on the show at the same time!
    Elegant and Intuitive Interface
    ATEM Software Control features an interface that’s been specifically designed for speed and accuracy. It features separate pages that make it easy to find the controls you need for each of the switcher’s major functions such as control, audio, macros, media and deck control. The switcher page features a familiar layout with buttons for sources, transitions, keyers and more. In addition the switcher page also has palettes that let you adjust transitions, keys and the media player. The media page lets you manage all of your graphic files and upload them to the switcher, while the audio page lets you control the built in multi channel Fairlight audio mixer.

    Adjust switcher settings, make live cuts, adjust keys, apply transitions, overlay graphics and more.

    Upload 20 RGBA still image graphic files. Graphics can be used for titles, bugs, lower thirds and more!

    Professional 12 channel Fairlight audio mixer with faders, 6 band EQ, compressor, limiter and much more!

    Control and colour correct cameras via the HDMI connection to Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K and 6K.

    Full virtual switcher control panel!
    You get the most efficient live production workflow with ATEM! The program bus is always live and allows direct source switching, so when you select a source it will immediately go on air. You
    can also take advantage of the advanced preview bus, which lets you make selections and preview them on a monitor using the HDMI out before putting them on air. You can see what you have ready to go on air, and take it live with a press of the cut or auto buttons! Using the preview bus helps you see the next transition source so you can confidently control your live production.

    Transition Control
    The transition control block gives you fast access to quickly select transition styles and set timing on the fly during live production. Choose from mix, dip, wipe or even DVE transitions, then use the auto button to trigger transitions immediately when you switch sources, or use the fader bar for full manual control!

    Transition Settings
    ATEM Software Control lets you quickly access all transition settings and make precise adjustments before putting them on air! The transition palette has a wide range of adjustments. Simply choose the transition type and adjust its parameters. With so many options, you’ll be able to create the perfect transition for your production!

    Upstream Keyer
    When you need fast and seamless keying, the software controls allow precise adjustments. Green and blue screen backgrounds are never perfectly flat, so it’s vital to have powerful key controls that let you handle any kind of key! You get precise control of key parameters such as colour, spill/flare suppression, foreground colour correction and more.

    Downstream Keyer
    ATEM Mini includes a downstream keyer for adding bugs, logos, and lower thirds to your program’s output stream. Simply load PNG, TGA, BMP, GIF, JPEG or TIFF images with an alpha channel into the media pool and send to the media player for keying! Because it’s downstream, it is perfect for graphics that you want to overlay onto your program video.

    Auto Transition
    You can customize the duration of transitions, then use the auto button for smooth and perfectly timed transitions. When the auto button is turned on, switching between sources will automatically add the transition. Use auto for mix, dip, wipe, DVE and more! Auto changes to trigger transitions when set to program/preview switching.

    DVE Settings
    The ATEM Mini DVE can be used for more than picture in picture effects because you can use it for exciting DVE transitions! The transition palette in the ATEM Software Control app gives you precise control over all DVE options. Choose from over 16 dramatic DVE moves to add extra excitement to your production. DVE transitions can also be reversed!

    Preview Transition
    When program/preview style switching is selected, preview transition allows complicated multi layer green screen keys to be rehearsed before using them on air! Preview video can be seen on a monitor when the HDMI video out is set to preview. Using preview transition is the best way to ensure your transition is perfect before going on air!

    Fade To Black
    When your program is starting, has a commercial break, or is ending, use the fade to black (FTB) button to fade all layers up or down at exactly the same rate. Fade to black is the last layer of the switcher so you can be sure every video and graphic layer, and every source, is faded cleanly together and in perfect sync!

    Camera Control
    ATEM Mini can provide full control of your cameras right from the ATEM Software Control app! Simply connect a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera to your ATEM Mini to get full camera control! All control communication is via HDMI so there’s no setup! Control the tally light, white balance, ISO and shutter as well as the iris, focus and zoom on supported lenses. There’s even a DaVinci primary colour corrector built into the camera, so you can go well beyond simple camera colour balance as you can innovate with digital film looks in your live production. Software control allows a traditional CCU layout or a DaVinci colour corrector layout. For advanced use you can add an ATEM Camera Control Panel.

    Media Player
    ATEM Mini features a media player that can be used to play back files stored in the media pool. The media pool stores your files on flash storage so they are saved in the switcher, even when the power is turned off! You can use PNG, TGA, BMP, GIF, JPEG and TIFF files. Files with alpha channels can be used as bugs, lower thirds, titles and more!

    Media Pool
    ATEM Software Control lets you drag and drop up to 20 RGBA graphic files into the media pool on ATEM Mini. Then the media player allows graphics to appear as a live video source! You can use the included Photoshop plug‑in to transfer graphics directly from Photoshop to the switcher, which is perfect for getting custom graphics on air quickly!

    Professional multi channel audio mixer!
    ATEM Control Software includes a built in multi channel Fairlight audio mixer that lets you independently adjust the level and balance from all of your audio inputs. The internal audio mixer features up to 12 channels of audio from the 4 HDMI and 2 microphone inputs. Each of the 12 inputs has independent 6 band parametric EQ, compressor, limiter, expander and noise gate as well as full panning. All inputs are metered so you can always see your source’s levels. There are buttons to turn audio on for each source in the program and for audio to follow video (AFV) when you switch between sources. There’s also a master fader for adjusting the final mixed program audio that is output to video.

    Parametric Equalizer
    Good equalization is the secret to good broadcast sound! The internal Fairlight audio mixer features 6‑band parametric EQ on every single input channel. You can adjust 6 separate bands of frequencies to boost, fatten or thin the sound. This means mic inputs can be adjusted to be clear and easy to understand while other inputs can remain untouched.

    Dynamics Processing
    The internal Fairlight audio mixer also features a high quality compressor, limiter, expander and noise gate on every audio input channel. The compressor and limiter stop mic levels from excessive volume and distortion. Noise gate eliminates background noise in mics. Dynamics really make it easy to place different channels in an overall audio mix!

    Quickly customize switcher settings for your program!
    Setting up for new jobs is easy with ATEM Software Control! Switcher settings are logically organized so you can change them quickly. By default the ATEM Mini will automatically select its video standard based on the device plugged into input 1, however you can also change the switcher video standard to any specific 720 HD and 1080 HD video standard. You can also customize input labels that will be used to track sources when used on external hardware panels or ATEM Software Control. Even the multiview can be customized including program/preview arrangement, audio meters and more! You can even control HyperDecks for remote trigger and use them for motion media playback!

    Instantly Recall Setups
    ATEM Mini lets you quickly save your switcher set up at any time which means you can recall it instantly! The switcher state is saved as an XML file so you can even edit the files to make changes. If you start to grow, you can use the XML setups from the ATEM Mini in other models of ATEM switcher, and you could even use the ATEM Mini XML setup file in the biggest ATEM Constellation 8K switcher. It all just works! You can save the switcher state any time you like, or you can set up ATEM Software Control to auto save at regular intervals and the older versions of the files are kept. When saving the switcher state, you save not only the settings, but all of the media pool contents as well!

    Create Macros
    Macros let you automate complex sequences of actions on your switcher that would be difficult to do during a live production if you have to press multiple buttons manually. You can record transitions between sources, key effects, graphics and more. Simply open the macro window, select record and operate your switcher like normal. Your actions are automatically stored in your ATEM Mini and can also be stored as XML files so you can edit and combine multiple macros together. To use a macro, just press the macro button! Macros are also available on external hardware panels so you can trigger a macro from multiple locations, as well as ATEM Software Control.

    HyperDeck Control
    ATEM Mini works with Blackmagic HyperDeck Studio Mini recorders so you can use pre‑recorded clips in live programs! You can connect up to 4 HyperDecks as sources, see a list of clips on each one, select a clip, cue it, pre-roll, and play it back at any time. It’s perfect for adding pre-recorded spots, promos, credit rolls and more to your live program! Imagine setting up a HypeDeck to play advertising spots at events, all automated with HyperDeck control and macros! HyperDecks could even be used to generate fun backgrounds for music videos as well as animated backdrops to key people over, all perfectly in sync!

    Multiple Users
    Producing large live events such as sports, concerts, worship services, and educational events requires a high performance team of multiple creative people working seamlessly together. ATEM Mini’s ethernet connection means multiple control panels can be used all at the same time. You can run multiple copies of ATEM Software Control where different people can switch, manage media, mix audio and control cameras, all on different computers so they don’t interfere with each other while working. Even hardware panels can be added for the best workflow for when you’re working on a big live event. You can even run software remotely over the internet from any location on the planet!
    Quickly Trim Edits
    Trimming edits in DaVinci Resolve is incredibly easy because the trim tools are automatically selected depending where you click and drag your mouse on the timeline’s edit points. Click and drag to the right of the edit to trim the in point of the destination clip. Click and drag your mouse to the left of the edit to trim the out point of the source clip. Then click the mouse in the middle of the edit to roll the edit point. If you’ve imported your ATEM Mini timeline, be careful not to ripple your edits so they aren’t out of AV sync! The cut page also has buttons to add and remove dissolves quickly. You can even add smooth cut transitions so the advanced AI algorithm will smooth and remove jump cuts. That lets you edit out presenter mistakes while keeping the action smooth and the edits invisible.

    Improve Edit Flow
    Live production can be chaotic so it means it can be hard for the switching to keep up with the fast moving action. Or sometimes you can even miss important shots. A good example is a live interview where guests are debating and it can be difficult to keep up with the person speaking. This means if you cut to a person after they start speaking, with editing it’s easy to roll the edit points back in time. You can roll each edit point slightly back, allowing the camera to cut to a speaker just before they start to talk. This means you can make debates flow much more smoothly. Trimming edits on a DaVinci Resolve Editor Keyboard is even faster because you can trim live with the search dial!

    Browse and Add Interesting Shots
    Finding exciting replacement shots is easy because you have access to every ATEM input’s recordings. Select source tape in the cut page to see all your clips loaded sequentially into the viewer so you can visually scroll through all your media! Now you won’t miss any exciting shot! If you find an alternative shot, then use source overwrite to use it. Simply select source overwrite and the clip in the viewer will be added to the timeline automatically with timecode synced to the shot you want to replace. You don’t even need timeline in and out points because source overwrite will edit the clips in sync. Simply scroll along your media and use source overwrite to add multiple exciting cutaways!

    Perfect for DaVinci Resolve Sync Bin
    DaVinci Resolve’s cut page has a unique scrolling style of multi-cam called the sync bin. It works by showing only clips that are synced to the timeline and as you scroll the timeline, the available clips will be displayed for you. As all ISO clips have timecode, the DaVinci Resolve sync bin will take care of keeping all shots scrolling together in perfect sync. Clips are displayed in a multiview so you can select the shot you want by clicking on its view. The in point is automatically set and for the out point, just scroll along and then press O. Now select source overwrite to add the shot into the timeline. Sync bin makes adding cutaways easy as it works just like a switcher!

    Includes ATEM Media Pool Images
    When recording inputs, media pool graphics are also saved so your titles and stills are included in the edit when the timeline is opened. Only titles used in your live production will be saved, and they will be placed on layer two of the timeline if they’re keyed titles, or layer one if media pool graphics were used as a video source. You can remove, change and localize titles because they are not baked into the edit! Because ATEM Mini only supports still frame graphics in its media pool, you can use the edit to change these still frames to animated titles! You can even update titles with new designs so you can renew your older work to make it look more modern. Or add 3D titles using Fusion!

    Relink to Blackmagic RAW Camera Files
    If you’re using Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K or 6K models, you can record Blackmagic RAW in camera and these files will also be in sync because ATEM Mini ISO models will upload metadata and timecode sync to the cameras via the HDMI connections. This means you can change DaVinci Resolve to use the Blackmagic RAW files instead of the H.264 ISO files for higher quality. Blackmagic RAW files are film gamma so you can add creative colour correction for cinematic looks. Plus because the files are 4K or 6K, you can change the DaVinci Resolve project to Ultra HD and get an Ultra HD edit from an HD ATEM Mini ISO switcher! Any non camera input, such as a computer, will be upscaled automatically!

    Create Ultra HD Programs with Blackmagic RAW
    Blackmagic RAW allows a whole new world of creativity because you can stream in HD, but then deliver work in Ultra HD with incredible creative and cinematic colour correction. Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cameras feature high resolution sensors and amazing low light performance. This means the Blackmagic RAW files will capture the greater range of the sensor, while the output of the camera is connected to your ATEM Mini for the live stream. Higher resolution also means you have added flexibility to reframe and zoom shots and you won’t lose image quality because the files have so much extra detail. DaVinci Resolve will take care of all the work for you and let you deliver Ultra HD masters!

    Add DaVinci colour Correction
    DaVinci Resolve is Hollywood’s most popular professional colour corrector and is used on more feature films than any other solution. The primary colour corrector has familiar colour wheels that let you balance the colours in the dark, midrange and highlight parts of your images. You can even add some extra contrast by setting specific shadow and highlight points. DaVinci Resolve has other controls that extend creativity such as highlight, pivot, colour boost and more. If a camera moved when you needed it, then you can add stabilization! Plus secondary grading allows you to change any specific colour. There’s also curve grading, power windows with tracking, multiple corrector nodes and more!
    Advanced Panel:
    Super compact professional hardware control panel with built in LCD
    ATEM Mini might be low cost but it’s not a low end switcher! The ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel is a true broadcast quality hardware panel that is a faster and more professional way to use your ATEM Mini. Featuring the latest technology, you get a built in LCD for menus, high quality buttons with customizable illumination colour, a professional joystick for the DVE plus a smooth, weighted T‑bar fader for manually controlling transitions. The buttons also have LCD screens allowing custom labels to display under each input button! The compact size and durable design of the ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel fits in a standard equipment rack, making it perfect for portable broadcast vans and fly away kits.

    Switch cameras to air instantly!
    ATEM Mini has been designed to give you the most advanced live switching workflow. Internally, ATEM Mini has separate program and preview buses that you can use to quickly and accurately switch sources. ATEM Mini lets you see your preview bus selection by selecting preview on the video output, or using one of the views on the ATEM Mini Pro or Extreme model’s multiview output. Then all you need to do is make selections on the preview bus of the advanced panel, which will appear on your preview screen, allowing you to see your source before it goes on air. Then you can bring the source online by pressing cut or auto! You can also switch sources on the program bus if you need them to go live immediately!

    Select and customize transitions
    Get total control over your transitions with a dedicated hardware button for each transition type! When selecting transition types, the LCD screen will display the options for that transition, so you can change its parameters without navigating through complex menus. It’s all instantly available! That gives you multiple ways to switch. Simply select a new source on the preview bus, then press CUT for a cut transition, or AUTO to use the selected transitions such as mix, dip, wipe or DVE! You can even cut directly on the program bus. With ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel you get all the controls you need to access all transition types fast.

    Mix, dip, wipe, DVE and more!
    ATEM gives you a huge range of transition styles! Mix transition will smoothly blend between sources just like an NLE cross dissolve. Standard SMPTE wipes are included and wipes can have edge softening for smooth dreamy transitions that are more exciting than simple cross dissolves. Dip transitions create a dip to colour effect, however because you can dip to any video source, you could create really innovative effects! DVE transitions use the DVE to create crazy moves where the whole foreground image moves! Plus you can combine the DVE and a still image from the media pool to create graphic wipes! The t‑bar fader even lets you manually position the transition for total control!

    Transform wipes into exciting effects!
    Power up your wipe transitions by accessing parameters to transform them into exciting effects. While you can select the wipe pattern directly on the LCD, you can also add lots of customization to suit your production style. You can adjust parameters such as symmetry and softness, but there are also adjustments for coloured borders with variable width and softness, as well as the position of the centre of the wipe. You can even use the dedicated joystick to set precise wipe pattern positioning!

    Amazing digital video effects
    The ATEM hardware panel is perfect for positioning the DVE for custom picture in picture effects. The built in joystick allows the position to be precisely set and rotating the knob will change its size. You can also use the soft knobs and menus on the LCD to adjust the DVE position, size and other DVE features such as lighting and drop shadow effects. You can also set up the DVE to fly graphics into frame or select any of the pre programed push and squeeze transitions.

    Get perfect green screen keying
    Hardware control is ideal when doing chroma keying because you can finely adjust the parameters for clean key edges so you get seamless multi layer compositing effects. Unlike software control where you need to look at the user interface, the ATEM hardware panel has control knobs that you can hold while adjusting key parameters and looking at the video output live to ensure the key is seamless. Only fine adjustment of key settings live while watching the video, ensures your key is perfect.

    Manually blend transitions
    Amazing live performances often require transitions that need to be controlled manually. The ergonomically designed t‑bar control lets you ride transitions perfectly as part of the live performance! Sometimes the emotion of a live event means you need to feel a transition to get it perfectly in sync with the camera operators and talent. Like a conductor, your ATEM Mini is part of the performance and drives the mood as the production unfolds.

    Perfect and predictable transitions!
    Just below the ATEM broadcast panel fader bar is the auto transition button. Selecting auto will instantly perform the transition type you have set. This ensures you can accurately select your source and transition type before triggering the action, so you always know what is going to happen and there’s much less chance of mistakes going to air. Auto transitions can be programed for durations from 1 to 250 frames and the benefit is each transition is consistent through your program.

    Simulate new effects while on air
    Unlike the smaller front panel on ATEM Mini, the hardware panel includes a very useful preview transition button that lets you simulate a transition or effect before you use it! The PREV TRANS button helps you avoid on air mistakes when preparing live transitions by displaying the result on your preview video output or on the multiview screen on the ATEM Mini Pro and Extreme models. Preview transition is the only way to accurately set up complicated transitions and multi layered key effects.

    Finish your program with style!
    The built in fade to black button controls the entire output of the switcher! Selecting fade to black (FTB) will smoothly fade your program output to black at a preset transition rate. Because FTB is at the end of all processing, it ensures all video layers fade out together. You can even select to fade out audio when FTB is triggered. That’s useful for the start and end of your production or for
    fading out to commercial breaks. FTB also includes button guards to stop accidental triggering!

    Get precise DVE control
    Move elements around the screen just like a video game using the Joystick! With full 3 Axis control you can adjust X, Y and Z positions of wipe patterns and position the ATEM Mini DVE. The joystick control with the DVE is ideal to position live video over video. Scale the size, position up down or left and right for the perfect picture in picture effect. You can also use the joystick to move the DVE and enter start and end keyframe screen positions for your own customized animated DVE moves.

    Change switcher settings from the menus!
    You get full control of all switcher settings right from the panel, which is perfect when operating the hardware panel in a control room while the ATEM Mini stays close to the studio and HDMI cameras. You get a large LCD for setting menus with soft keys and control knobs to help you make setting changes quickly. The menus are easy to navigate and arranged in specific functions. You can adjust the switcher’s video standard, video output settings, multiview layout and even remap panel buttons!

    Change video outputs with a single button press
    The ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel has a dedicated “select bus” for control of the ATEM Mini video output. In many ways the ATEM Mini HDMI video output is the same as a professional switcher aux output, so you can select sources to the HDMI output live! Conveniently located in the top button row the select bus lets you directly press sources to output to the ATEM Mini video output using a single button press. There are even labels to show you what source is on each button. The select bus also lets you directly select inputs for other internal processing such as the keyers and DVE. Only the select bus lets you route signals internally and to the HDMI output on your ATEM Mini instantly!

    Manage built in graphics and titles
    You can select stills from the media pool in the panel LCD menus and simply pressing the media button lets you access the media player and change which image in the media pool is sent to the media player as a video source. You can select any loaded still by scrolling through the list of media pool images, which are listed showing the original file name of each image. This means you can quickly change stills and titles right from the same panel you are working on, eliminating the need to change control panels just to change a title.

    Integrate with third party audio panels
    All ATEM switchers are compatible with Mackie™ protocol USB control panels for live audio mixing! Simply connect a third party USB fader panel to your Mac or PC computer to get real time fader control of every audio channel. As you adjust levels on the panel the virtual software faders move in sync with you. You can even use the mouse to adjust levels on the ATEM Software Control page and the flying faders on the external panel will track your movement. Combining a fader panel with the built in mixer gives you the highest quality audio mixing experience.

    Trigger macros at the touch of a button!
    A hardware panel is perfect for macros because it’s much faster and you can view pre programed macros and record and play back macros at the push of a button. This means that you don’t need to use a computer to work with macros because you can trigger them from the same hardware panel you are switching from. If you edit or modify a macro the change will appear on all connected hardware and software control panels because the macros are stored inside the ATEM Mini itself. But the panel also includes dedicated macro buttons so you can set up different macros under each macro button and then trigger them instantly at the push of a button!

    Control your ATEM Mini from anywhere in the world!
    Because ATEM Mini includes a standard ethernet connection, you can use this connection to control it remotely from long distances away on Mac or Windows computers running ATEM Software Control. ATEM Software Control can use the USB or Ethernet connection to ATEM Mini, so while the USB is easy, Ethernet gives you unlimited distance between the switcher and the control panel. You can also connect a range of hardware and software control panels in any combination, all working together in parallel and at the same time. You can even connect an ATEM Mini to your network and control your switcher from anywhere in the world or use the included SDK to develop your own solution!
    Camera Control:
    Remotely control four cameras, all from a single control panel!
    The ATEM Camera Control Panel is a professionally designed broadcast camera control unit that extends the software features in ATEM Software Control to add high quality physical hardware controls that are much nicer to use. All ATEM Mini models support camera control when used with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K and 6K models for amazing professional broadcast workflows. The control panel lets a single person monitor and adjust a wide range of camera parameters such as black levels, gain, colour balance, shutter speed and more. This leaves your camera operators free to focus on more important tasks such as framing and shot composition. Plus it works with all ATEM switcher models!

    Works with Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera
    ATEM Mini works with the latest Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cameras to add studio features that you can remotely control! Pocket Cinema Cameras make great studio cameras because they feature a large bright 5″ viewfinder, remote camera control, tally indicators and phantom powered microphone connections. All video and control is via a simple HDMI connection that lets you connect to your ATEM Mini with a single cable! That means you can remotely control any setting in the camera plus focus, iris and zoom on supported lenses. Pocket Cinema Cameras include a DaVinci primary colour corrector so you get much more than simple CCU controls as you can also do a full colour grade in the camera!

    One person can control up to 4 cameras at the same time!
    When working on live production, it’s important all of the cameras are matched with proper colour balance so that you get a consistent look as you cut and transition between the different cameras. The ATEM Camera Control Panel features 4 camera controllers in one panel, so you can control all of your ATEM Mini cameras. When used on larger switchers, you can control more cameras because it’s very quick to change numbers on each control channel. Each camera controller includes a large LCD screen with soft buttons and knobs at the top of the panel, and a full set of professional controls below, so you get a very clear indication of the most important camera parameters.

    Scenes and Camera Controls
    The top section on each camera control has settings for changing camera settings, plus it lets you save and recall scene presets. Getting remote access to important camera settings is vital when you are working in conditions where the light can change during your job such as daylight, and with these settings you can quickly adjust cameras based on changes in the scene. Controls in this section include master gain, white balance, shutter speed and more!

    White Balance
    Quickly get the perfect white balance by triggering the camera’s automatic white balance feature.

    Load Scenes
    Save and recall scene presets, perfect when you do regular work with the same conditions each day.

    Master Gain
    Boost sensitivity of the sensor as conditions become darker or when more depth of field is needed.

    Shutter Speed
    Set the shutter speed of the camera and a slower shutter speed can also boost brightness in dark conditions.

    Colour Bars
    Select to output colour bars for the selected camera. colour bars are very useful when setting up for a new job!

    Gain and Pedestal Controls
    The center section features independent RGB controls for adjusting the camera colour for the white and black parts of the image. Because the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K and 6K models have a full DaVinci Resolve primary colour corrector built in, you have amazing control over the colour in the camera. These red, green and blue controls for adjusting blacks and whites mean you can accurately match multiple cameras, which is vital for cutting seamlessly without colour shifts. One trick experienced camera control operators use is to only adjust the red and blue channels, so you can add and remove red and blue tint without getting too far away from accurate colour!

    Lens and Iris Controls
    The lower section of the panel is where the most used controls are located and features a large, easy to read camera number that highlights red when the camera is on air! The main control for operating the cameras is the high quality professional joystick that’s used to precisely adjust the iris when moved up and down, and the master black when the knob is rotated. This is the exact same type of control that’s used on camera control units used in broadcast, so you get a true professional user interface that can be the ideal training tool for any high end live broadcast truck or
    studio. There’s also a button to lock the CCU and indicators for network and errors.

    Iris Control
    Joystick for adjusting iris and master black. Move up and down to change iris and rotate for black.

    Coarse Control
    To stop the iris from becoming too sensitive with different lens types, you can reduce the adjustment range.

    Lock Controls
    To ensure you don’t accidentally bump the camera adjustment, you can lock the iris and master black control.

    Master Black
    This indicator provides feedback on the amount of master black adjustment applied to the remote camera.

    Panel Active
    If you have set up a perfect colour match between all of your cameras, then you can lock all panel adjustments.

    Status Lights
    Used on larger switcher models, these lights indicate status of network and SMPTE fiber camera connections.

    Used for switching the camera feed to the HDMI video output, so you don’t have to move the joystick.

    Camera Number
    Big camera number display shows you what camera is assigned to each channel and turns red when on air!

    Call Button
    Flashes tally light on the camera to get the attention of the camera operator that you need to talk to them.

    Works seamlessly with all ATEM control panels!
    Adding the ATEM Camera Control Panel to your ATEM Mini is easy as all the network settings have been assigned for you, so you can simply connect an Ethernet cable direct from the ATEM Camera Control Panel to the ATEM Mini’s Ethernet connection. Because Ethernet is a network, you can also use the ATEM Camera Control Panel with the ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel for an incredibly advanced live production setup that works the same as the biggest switchers in the world. The ATEM panels feature loop through Ethernet connections so you just loop through the panels. Plus, if you add bigger ATEM switchers later, you can keep using the panels, or even move the panels between switchers for different jobs.

    ATEM Mini is the tiny switcher that’s big on features!
    Just because ATEM Mini is a small and low cost switcher, it doesn’t mean it’s small on the inside! ATEM Mini is an absolutely massive switcher for features and adding ATEM hardware panels gives you a professional workflow that’s used by broadcasters worldwide. If you’re doing paid work, need a professional system for education or just want the speed of a hardware panel then the ATEM Camera Control Panel is well worth the investment. The ATEM Camera Control is incredibly fast to use as it features traditional CCU controls so you get the benefit of years of broadcast experience. Now you can get the same workflow that broadcasters use with ATEM Mini and Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cameras!




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