Bubblebee The Outdoor Mic Kit – RODE (white)

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We’ve all experienced the frustration of wind noises ruining video footage. But with The Outdoor Mic Kit for Røde Lavalier, you can say goodbye to this problem. This carefully curated kit is designed to help you achieve better sound quality. It’s the perfect accessory for Røde Lavalier, Lavalier Go, SmartLav+, and RødeLINK lav microphones.

The Windbubble is a key component of this kit, providing exceptional wind protection for your lav mic. Its innovative design uses imitation fur and a unique core to create a bubble of dead air around the microphone, ensuring clear and natural sound even in windy conditions. The kit also includes Microphone Foams for Lavalier Mics, which offer protection against vocal plosives and light wind noise while maintaining acoustic transparency. Additionally, the Cable Saver adds strain relief and eliminates unwanted cable noise, while the Mic Accessory Case provides an organized and protective solution for storing all your microphone accessories.

1 x Windbubble – Size L03 (black or white)
2 x Lavalier Mic Foams – Medium (black or white)
1 x Cable Saver (black or white)
1 x Mic Accessory Case

Compatibility Røde Lavalier, Røde Smartlav+, RødeLINK lav or Røde Lavalier Go mic




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