Hawk-Woods DV-BP2 Z-CAM E2-M4/S6/F6/F8 BPU Mnt

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The DV-BP2 is a handy accessory for Z-Cam cameras that allows you to power your camera using Sony BPU 14v batteries. It attaches to the camera’s NPF fitting and stays mounted using a back plate. The 2P LEMO fly lead is then attached to the product for power via the DC input. This means you can still use the Smallrig cage with the product by attaching it through the M3 holes of the back plate using the provided 12mm screws.

To install the DV-BP2, simply mount the anodized back plate to the camera using the provided screws. Then, attach the BPU plate to the back plate. For those who prefer to use mini-vl batteries, the VLM-ZC2 can be purchased separately. It attaches via a dummy BPU and offers a mini-vl fitting plate, as well as a Power-con and USB output. This product is specifically designed for the newer models of Z-Cam, including the S6, F6, F8, and M4.

1x DV-BP2 Z-CAM E2-M4/S6/F6/F8 BPU Direct Mount

Model DV-BP2
Type BPU
Weight 50g
Size 5.5 x 9.5 x 1.8 cm
Nominal Voltage 14.4v




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