Hawk-Woods NPB-SQN4S Power Adaptor

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The Hirose Flying Cable, also known as NPB-SQN4S, is a versatile and efficient power solution for various electronic devices. It is designed with four switched Hirose sockets, making it compatible with the popular Hawk-Woods NP1 battery range.

The NPB-SQN4S is not only equipped with multiple outputs, but it also ensures safety and convenience. The switched auxiliaries are fused, providing protection against potential electrical hazards. Additionally, a low battery voltage indicator is included to help monitor the battery level. With its reliable performance and compatibility, the Hirose Flying Cable is a must-have for powering your devices on-the-go.

1x Hawk-Woods NP1 Power Adapter

Connector SQN (Hirose)
Fused Yes (self-resetting)
Outputs 4 Switched
Length 7.5cm
Width 5cm
Depth 3cm
Weight 87g

Hirose Flying Cable
4 Switched Hirose Sockets
Compatible with Hawk-Woods NP1 Battery Range




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