Hawk-Woods VL-C300

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This V-Lok power distribution box, the Vl-C301, is specifically designed for Canon C300 camera users. It is compatible with V-Lok Lithium-Ion batteries and features five 12v regulated Power-Con sockets and one 2.5mm jack. However, it is important to note that when using a radio mic and Canon C300 powered from the same supply, there may be an issue with an earth loop causing noise. This can be resolved by disconnecting the earth to pin no.1 on the radio mic’s XLR plug.

Battery Mount: V Mount

Dimensions HxWxD(cm):
2.7 x8.5 x15.5
Nominal Battery Voltage
5x 12v Regulated Power-Con Sockets
1x 2.5mm Right-Angled Jack
V-Lok/V-Mount Battery Compatible

5x 12v Regulated Power-Con Sockets
V-Lok/V-Mount Battery Compatible
Works with DC-15A and DC-19A Clamp Kits




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