Hawk-Woods VL-SV1 Adaptor

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The VL-SV1 is a power supply system specifically designed for the Sony Venice camera and R7 recorder. It offers a dual input system, allowing for hot-swapping between a floor battery and a V-Lok battery. It also features a 100% lock-in system to prevent any issues with the battery or adaptor lifting off the camera’s V-Mount fitting.

In addition, the VL-SV1 has multiple outputs, including 2x RS outputs for Start/Stop functionality, 1x output for a Wooden Camera D-Box, 1x LEMO 11-17v, and 1x XLR input. The floor battery always takes priority, but if it is unplugged, the system will instantly switch to the V-Lok battery without any power loss. The SV1 also includes protection features such as discharge, voltage, short circuit, and thermal protection for added peace of mind.

1x VL-SV1 Camera Adaptor for Sony Venice

Size (H x W x D)
10.3 x 7 x 6.3cm

Dual input system
Power-con output
Discharge / Voltage / Short Circuit / Thermal protectionHot-swap capability
2x RS outputs – Start/Stop Enabled
1x Output for Wooden Camera D-Box
1x LEMO 11-17v
1x XLR input (floor battery always takes priority, when un-plugged auto switches instantly to the V-Lok battery)




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