Hawkwoods Sony FX6 V-Lok Camera Mount

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Hawk-Woods has recently released a new Mini V-Lok camera mount plate specifically designed for the Sony FX6. This plate is able to fit directly into the original battery port of the camera using a mechanical BPU battery fitting. However, in order to power the camera, it must be connected to the provided fixed Sony fly lead, which regulates the voltage to 19.5 volts to meet the camera’s DC input requirement. Additionally, there are 2 power-con outputs available, but they are un-regulated and operate at nominal voltage. It is important to note that this mount plate is only compatible with the Sony FX6, and for other Sony models such as the FS7 or FX9, different power options are available.

Battery Mount: V Mount
1x Hawkwoods Sony FX6 V-Lok Camera Mount

Type V-Lok
Weight 182g
Size 7.8 x 10 x 12 cm




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