Hollyland Lark C1 Wireless Lav Mic – W

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The Lark C1 is a compact and versatile wireless lavalier microphone that offers high-quality audio recording on iPhones. With a long battery life of 32 hours and a range of up to 650ft (200m), this MFi-certified device is perfect for capturing crisp sound with active noise cancellation. It also supports up to two clip-on transmitter/microphones, making it a convenient choice for content creators.

Equipped with advanced sound processing technologies, the Lark C1 delivers hi-fi sound quality and allows for real-time audio playback on the phone’s speaker with the receiver (RX) plugged in. The LarkSound app offers additional features such as adjusting noise cancellation levels and controlling volume, making it a comprehensive recording solution. With its sleek design and black or white color options, the Lark C1 is a must-have for anyone looking for a reliable and high-performing wireless microphone.

Connectivity: Lightning
1x Charging Case
2x Transmitter
1x Reciever (IOS – Lightning interface)
1x USB-A to USB-C cable
2x Windshield
1x User Manual
1x Warranty Card

About The Hollyland Lark C1 Wireless Lav Mic – W
The new Lark C1 is an ultra-compact premium wireless lavalier microphone, ideal for audio recording on your iPhones without limitations. With a wide range of simplified operations and an ultra-long duration of 32 hours, the Lark C1 delivers an unparalleled, all-day recording experience. Featuring our advanced sound processing technologies and the MFi-certified Lightning interface on the RX, the Lark C1 is perfect for you to easily capture crisp audio with uncompromising quality at distances of up to 650ft (200m).

A Breadth of Simplified Operations
Plug and Play
The Lark C1 is a feature-packed wireless microphone system that is ready for use out of charging case. Untangle your audio recording workflow with its RX plug and play configuration.

Simultaneous Recording and Charging
Both the TX and RX are active while charging. The RX can be connected to a power source to charge your phone during operation, delivering an uninterrupted recording experience.

Speaker Play with RX Plugged
The Lark C1 achieves real-time audio playback on your phone speaker without the need to unplug the RX, achieving an immediate audio quality check.
Note: This function is disabled by default. You can enable it in the LarkSound app.

Hi-Fi Sound Capture
Featuring a sample rate and bit depth of 48 kHz and 16 bits, the Lark C1 captures sounds with incredibly rich details from all directions across wide frequencies ranging from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, delivering Hi-Fi sound quality. Designed with the advanced audio processing algorithm, the Lark C1 delivers crystal-clear digital audio with background noises removed. Backed by the MFi-certified Lightning interface on the RX, the Lark C1 boasts uncompromising quality and reliability.

Lark C1 Enrolled in the MFi Program
The Lark C1 officially got the Apple MFi certification, which means that you can be sure that the Lark C1 you purchase for your Apple device is verified by Apple to be safe and compatible.
You can find our Lark C1 MFi certification here.

Ultra-compact Size & Ultra-long Duration of 32 Hours
The entire Lark C1 system is ultra-compact and lightweight. This unique form factor allows you to inconspicuously clip the TX on your cloth and easily plug the RX into your phone. The Lark C1 Duo features an ultra-long duration of 32 hours for the two TXs when the charging case is fully charged, with each TX operating for 8 hours each time, providing a full-day audio recording to keep up with your content creation needs.

Wireless LOS Range of Up to 650ft (200m)
Using Hollyland’s latest wireless transmission technology, the Lark C1 is capable of recording crisp audio at a wireless range of up to 650ft (200m) with an incredibly low latency of 0.02s. With advanced frequency hopping technology, the Lark C1 automatically switches to a clear channel, ensuring a robust audio recording.

Advanced In-App Operations
The LarkSound app offers multiple advanced operation options to enhance your recording experience with the Lark C1. Using this powerful app allows you to view the TX battery percentage, adjust the noise cancellation level, perform an upgrade, or control the volume. The mic status is clear at a glance.

Simple and Sleek, with Black and White Colour Options
The Lark C1 is designed with optimized curved edge ergonomics, a matte UV-painted surface, and an enhanced interface buffer design, making it more comfortable to wear and more durable. The Lark C1 is available in black and white for easy concealment for virtually any placement on clothing

Wireless Transmission 2.4GHz Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH)
Transmission Range 130ft (40m) for NLOS/650ft (200m) for LOS
Built-in Microphone Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional
Frequency Range: 20Hz–20kHz
Maximum SPL 110 dB
Input Dynamic Range 86 dB
Battery Capacity TX: 140 mAh (0.518 Wh)
Charging Case: 1400 mAh (5.18 Wh)
Operating Time TX: 8H
Charging Case: Maximum 3 times of charging for 2 TX
Charging Time TX: 1.5H
Charging Case: 1.5H
Dimensions TX: 48×21.5x10mm (1.89″x0.85″x0.4″)
RX: 48.3×27.6x9mm (1.9″x1.1″x0.35″)
Charging Case: 83x60x30mm (3.3″x2.4″x1.2″)
Weight TX: 11.5g (0.4oz)
RX: 7g (0.25oz)
Charging Case: 85.5g (3oz)

Plug and play
Usable while charging
Audio play on phone speaker with receiver (RX) plugged in
Hi-Fi sound quality and active noise cancellation
iOS and Android versions
MFi-certified Lightning interface (iOS)
Ultra-long 32 hour battery endurance
650ft (200m) LOS range
Supports up to two clip-on transmitter/microphones
No additional lavalier mic needed




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