Miller 2115G HDR 150 1-Stage Tripod

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The Miller 2115G HDR 150 1-Stage Alloy Tripod is the perfect support system for cinematographers and broadcasters looking for stability and strength in their setups. This tripod features a 150mm bowl, 1-stage rotary lock leg extension, and heavy duty clear anodised alloy tubing, making it a reliable choice for any project.

The tripod also comes equipped with integrated stainless steel spikes, providing a secure and stable base for your camera. Whether you’re working on rough terrain or in extreme climates, the Miller 2115G HDR 150 can handle it all with ease.

One of the standout features of this tripod is its compatibility with the 2130 HD on ground spreader. This combination offers low torsional distortion and maximum drag, ensuring smooth and steady shots every time. Plus, with a 3 year warranty, you can trust in the durability and quality of this product.

Designed with the needs of cinematographers and broadcasters in mind, the Miller 2115G HDR 150 tripod is the ultimate stabiliser for your camera. Its quick action rotary screw type leg locks allow for easy and efficient setup without the need for constant maintenance.

Invest in the Miller 2115G HDR 150 1-Stage Alloy Tripod for your photography and filming needs. With its strong and stable tripod legs, this product is sure to provide the support you need for your next project. Order yours today and experience the difference in your shots!

Max Payload: 95kg
Max Height Group: 60-65 inch
Min Height Group: 20-30 inch
Leg Section: 3 Section
Leg Lock Type: Twist Lock
Material: Aluminium
1x 2115G HDR 150 1-Stage Alloy Tripod

About The Miller 2115G HDR 150 1-Stage Tripod
The 2115G HDR tripod is specifically built for cinematographers and outside broadcasters who demand the highest levels of stability, low torsional distortion, even at maximum drag, and heavy load strength from their tripods. The HDR 150 1-stage tripod incorporates a 150mm bowl, metal rotary leg locks and is best suited to the all metal 2130 HD on ground spreader.

HDR series tripods are designed with stability in mind, uses heavy duty 24mm alloy tubing coupled with the Miller 150mm bowl, to make a very stable platform. No matter where your work takes you, the HDR tripod series performs in extreme climates and terrains every time. Quick action rotary screw type leg locks allow for maximum lock off performance without need for maintenance.Maximum Payload Capacity 95kg (210lbs)
Weight 5.6kg (12.4lbs)
Height Range 727-1539mm (28.2-60.6″)
Transport Length 936mm (36.9″)
Mounting Base Ø150mm (5.9″) ball levelling
Leg Extension 1-stage
Lock Type Quick action rotary screw
Leg Material Alloy

150mm bowl
1-stage rotary lock leg extension.
Heavy duty clear anodised alloy tubing.
Integrated stainless steel spikes.
Suited for HD Ground spreader or dolly.
3 year warranty.




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