Miller AIRV Tripod System And Case

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The Miller AIRV with alloy Toggle LW tripod, above ground spreader and soft case (MIL-3017) is a top-of-the-line camera support system that is perfect for professional photographers and videographers. This system is designed to provide consistent fluid drag performance even in extreme environments, making it a reliable choice for any shooting situation.

The AIRV system features 2 selectable positions of counterbalance, allowing for quick and easy balancing of camera payloads weighing between 2-5kg (4.4-11lbs). The integrated 75mm bowl ensures stability and smooth movements, while the 1-stage fast toggle adjustment legs make for quick and efficient set-up.

The tripod itself is made of durable black anodised alloy tubing, ensuring long-lasting use. It also comes with an above ground spreader and rubber feet, making it suitable for use on any type of terrain. The system also includes a 1-stage tripod bag for easy transportation and storage.

One of the standout features of the Miller AIRV system is its versatility. It is suitable for a wide range of camera configurations, making it a go-to choice for various applications. And with a 3 year warranty, you can trust that this system is built to last.

The AIRV fluid head is expertly matched with the LW Toggle tripod alloy, creating a traditional and reliable system within the AIRV range. The positive Toggle locks ensure quick and secure set-ups, while the rubber feet provide stability on any surface. This system is designed and constructed using the same high-quality components and materials as more expensive professional heads in the Miller range, ensuring exceptional performance and durability.

Tripod Head Type: Fluid Head
Max Payload: 5kg
Max Height Group: 57.6 Inch
Min Height Group: 29.8 Inch
Leg Section: 1 Section
Spreader Type: Off-ground Spreader
Head Fitting: 75mm
Material: Alloy
AIRV fluid head
Toggle 75 LW tripod (alloy)
Pan handle – fixed with clamp
DS tripod spreader
Rubber feet (set of 3)
Shoulder strap (padded)
Softcase 1-stage

About The Miller AIRV Tripod System And Case
The 3017 Toggle AIRV system is light weight, quick to set up and delivers outstandingly smooth pans and tilts. For that fast action set-up the dual position counterbalance plus 100mm camera plate travel enables quick and easy balancing in both standard and heavier camera configurations. Whatever your application the AIRV will always impress. The AirV head housing is made of durable alloy and comes with a three year full manufactures warranty. It is designed and constructed using the same techniques quality components and material as the more expensive professional heads in the Miller range. It is made to last and can easily serviced.

The AIRV fluid head is matched with the LW Toggle tripod alloy with above ground spreader makes for the most traditional AIRV system in the AIRV range, the positive Toggle locks mean quick set-ups while the rubber feet mean the system can be used over any terrain.

Payload Range 2-5kg (4.4-11.0lbs )
Weight 5kg (11.1lbs )
Height Range 757-1467mm (29.8-57.6″)
Transport Length 967mm (38.1”)
Counterbalance Positions 2 selectable positions
Pan Tilt Drag Fixed
Pan Tilt Locks Positive lock caliper brake system
Tilt Range +90° / -75°
Pan Range 360°
Camera Platform Quick release, side load Versa camera plate
Sliding Range 100mm (3.93″)
Mounting Base Ø75mm (2.9″) ball levelling
Height Above Bowl 146mm (5.7″)
Pan Handle Fixed length 390mm (15.4″)
Temperature Range -40° to +65°C (-40° to +150°F)
Leg Extension 1-stage
Lock Type Toggle
Leg Material Alloy
Components 1044 AIRV fluid head 440 Toggle 75 LW tripod (alloy) 682 Pan handle – fixed with clamp
835 DS tripod spreader 550 Rubber feet (set of 3) 554 Shoulder strap (padded) 3512 Softcase 1-stage
Consistent fluid drag performance in extreme environments.
2 selectable positions of counterbalance.
Perfect for camera payloads to 2-5kg 4.4-11lbs .
Integrated 75mm bowl.
1-stage fast toggle adjustment legs.
Durable black anodised alloy tubing.
Comes with above ground spreader and rubber feet.
Comes with 1-stage tripod bag.
3 year warranty.


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