Rode MiCon 8 (Sony UWP)

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The RØDE MiConTM connector system is a reliable and efficient solution for seamlessly integrating RØDE HS1 headset, PinMic, and Lavalier microphones with a variety of wireless systems. This system ensures a smooth and hassle-free connection, allowing users to focus on their performances without any technical difficulties.

The MICON-8 specifically caters to Sony UWP receivers, providing a perfect fit and secure connection. It is important to note that Sony and its products, including the ones listed, are registered names and trademarks owned by Sony Corp. This showcases the credibility and compatibility of RØDE’s MiConTM system with top-quality brands in the industry.

Weight: 10.00gm
Dimensions: 39mm H x 10mm W x 10mm D




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