SmallHD Sunhood For OLED 27 Monitor

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Please note that the OLED 27 Hood does not come with a monitor. It is designed to be used with the OLED 27 monitor, allowing you to view your display even in full sunlight. The sunhood is made of fabric and reinforced to block out the sun, ensuring optimal viewing experience. It is also rugged and easy to attach, with the ability to convert from 3-sided to 4-sided using snaps. The hood can be conveniently attached to the screw holes on the top and side of your 4K monitor using Cheese Sticks.

With the OLED 27 Hood, you can enjoy a clear and bright display without any glare or distractions from the sun. This makes it perfect for outdoor use or in brightly lit environments. The sunhood is specifically designed for the OLED 27 monitor, ensuring a perfect fit and easy installation. So, whether you are working on location or in a studio with lots of natural light, the OLED 27 Hood will provide you with an optimal viewing experience for your monitor.

Sunhood for OLED 27 Monitor

About The SmallHD Sunhood For OLED 27 Monitor
PLEASE NOTE: Monitor is not included

View your monitor display in full sunlight with the OLED 27 Hood. The fabric reinforced sunhood for the OLED 27 monitor blocks out the sun for optimal viewing. This rugged and easy to attach sunhood can quickly convert from 3-sided to 4-sided with easy to access snaps. Conveniently attach the hood to screw holes in the Cheese Sticks on the top+side of your 4K monitor.

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