Swit RGBW LED Panel Light 200W

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The S-2820 is an RGBW 1:1 panel LED light with 280pcs SMD LEDs, providing a powerful 200W light output and a brightness of 5000Lux @ 1 meter. It has a wide colour temperature range of 2800-10000K and offers CCT mode with G/M adjustment, as well as HIS / CIE / RGB colour modes. The light also comes with 20x Rosco and 20x Lee Gels, and has a high colour accuracy with a CRI of 95 and TLCI of 93. It can be controlled via 8-ch DMX or IOS/Android APP.

The S-2820 also offers convenient control options, with a control panel on the rear side and the ability to be operated via the Smart Phone App for both IOS and Android devices. The light supports CCT mode with G/M adjustment, RGB mode with HSI, CIE, and RGB pick options, and GEL mode with built-in Rosco and Lee Gels. It can be powered through AC or V-mount DC, with a recommended battery option of SWIT high load batteries for maximum power.

Type: Single Light
1x Swit Professional 200W RGBW LED Light (S-2820)

About The Swit RGBW LED Panel Light 200W
200W RGBW 1:1 Panel

280pcs SMD LEDs

S-2820 is an RGBW 1:1 panel LED light, adopts 280pcs SMD LEDs, 200W power output, 5000Lux @ 1 meter.

Smart Phone App control

IOS and Android

S-2820 has a control panel on the rear side, and can also be operated by the Smart Phone App.

IOS: App Store, search “RGB Panel”

Android App: Download the APK from Swit’s website.

CCT Mode

2800K-10000K, G/M adjustment

The colour temperature mode achieves 2800K-10000K continuous adjustment and Green / Magenta ±1.00 adjustment.

RGB Mode

HSI, CIE and RGB pick

Support HSI mode, CIE mode, RGB mode to pick colors, by rear control panel value setting or smart phone App.

GEL Mode

Built-in Rosco and Lee Gels

S-2820 has built-in 20x Rosco Gels and 20x Lee Gels to easily switch by rear control panel or smart phone App.

Power Input

AC, V-mount DC

S-2820 supports SpeakOn AC power input and 4-pin XLR DC 14.8-26V input. Provides with standard V-mount plate and recommended to use SWIT high load battery S-8183S, PB-R290S, PB-H290S or PB-H260S to power.

Model S-2820
Colour Temperature 2800K-10000K
G/M adjustment ±1.00
Luminance 5000Lux @ 1meter
Beam Angle 65°
Colour rendering CRI 95; TLCI 93
Input voltage AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz; DC 14.8-26V
Power output AC-IN 200W; DC-IN 200W
Dimension 351mm × 331mm × 195mm
Weight 9.26kg

280pcs RGBW SMD LEDs
200W light output
5000Lux @ 1 meter
2800-10000K colour temperature
CCT mode with G/M adjustment
HIS / CIE / RGB colour mode
20x Rosco and 20x Lee Gels
CRI 95, TLCI 93
8-ch DMX control
IOS/Android APP control




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