Hawk-Woods VL-CA2 V-Lok Power Adaptor

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The V-Lok CA2 type adaptor comes equipped with 2x Hirose outputs and a Power-Con output. The Power-Con output is fused with a self-resetting device for added safety. This adaptor is specifically designed to be compatible with Sony® products that have the Sony® V-Mount™.

The Power-Con output is regulated to 12Volts and can power any 12V equipment up to a maximum of 35Watts. The high quality regulator included in the adaptor acts as a “soft start” when using tungsten lamps, preventing Li-Ion batteries from shutting down due to the power-up requirements of a cold filament.

Battery Mount: V Mount

Connection V-Lok and Sony V-Mount
Hirose Output 12VDC Regulated
PC Output 12VDC Regulated
Max Output 2.5A or 35W
Weight 255g
Length 15.4cm
Width 8.4cm
Depth 4cm

2x Hirose Outputs
Power-Con Output
Fused with a self-resetting device
Compatable with Sony® products fitted with the Sony® V-Mount™




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